Do you talk to your plants??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sidious, May 4, 2003.


Do you talk to your plants?

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  3. Gimme some of what he's been smoking, as he's on another planet!!!

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  1. i was just wondering who else talks to there plants?......i do, it fells good talking to them , and also supplies them with co2......and yes i have been out......Sid
  2. Yea I do, well sort of...sometimes I read down there and the other half of the time they're listening to some Marley.
  3. dude i wish they would even pop up from the soil so i can speak to them,the only thing i speak to is the
  4. HIGH All, yes I talk to All of our plants...if you don't talk to your babies how are they going to go up to be what you want.
  5. Yea I talk to my plants everytime I visit them. Their my babies. ;)
  6. Every time I check on my plants I talk to them.I f they have been stressed, I play them some classical music and they seem to respond quite well to this. Give it a try.
  7. If I had some I would ;)

    Maybe the reason for them growing better is more carbon dioxide from you hanging around? The most inexpenseive CO2 generator ever. Hahaha.
  8. dayday429 I got a chuckle on that one. Sorry dude but that was funny.
    Ya I say mean things to the boys and talk nice to the girls.
  9. why did your plants ban you from talking to them???did ya play the wrong music ??[​IMG] try being nice to them it works on most things [​IMG]
  10. TomToker
    maybe he showed them the picture of a pieace of shit he posted in the grow journal section,that was gross man...
  11. despite the obvious "sterile" problems I will pop open my closet door and let my cat sit under the light for awhile... he loves it... then i will pack a bowl and the two of us will get high... :) being the insomniac that i am, that's usually in the middle of the night sometime
  12. I always talk to my plants, I think they react to sound, I have a radio on low to hide the sounds of my hydro system, since installing it, i have definately noticed a difference.
  13. well sid.... whatever works.... :)
  14. yeah i read them a bedtime story, and tuck them in at out......Sid
  15. listent o music with em most definitaley....

    gonna have some thugged out sho :)
  16. Its the hareem of the finest ladies.......
    I oggle there heavy structures n give em all the vibes (totally slayed totaly buzzin)
  17. I just was telling my plant how quick he/she is growing (hope its a girl :D). I usualy blow for a min 3 times a day into my grow box to increase cO2, its a gettho cO2 enrichment ;)
  18. all the time. every time i check them. i sing to them. play my guitar to them.. sometimes when we go camping we sleep next to them. there is nothing like waking up and being completely surrounded by pot. sitting there in the morning... with the sun just peaking through the distance... birds chirping.. fresh dew glistening off the bladed egde of the leaves... and that gentle breeze that catches the aroma and passes it by your nose making you turn to eye the source... all the while muttering to yourself.. "And that's why we did it."

    But when i'm not there, and i can't lose myself looking at the beauties, I turn the radio to classical. And you feel better breathing near them. Nothing like fresh oxygen.
  19. yeah, I talk to my plants, they aren't very chatty though. but good listeners. PEACE
  20. LOL.....i knew i wasn't a out.......Sid

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