Do you take t-breaks when you have weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by blkarmphoenix, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Just curious. Some of you may or may not have noticed my sig, I've been on t-break day 1 for about a week now. Reason being, I changed my sig, lit up my last bowl, and then my wife came home with another eighth of some no-name dank. So about a week later, its now t-break day number 2!

    Its not that takin a t-break is the problem. But if there is weed sitting there, it just yearns to be smoked.

    Does anyone else do this or do you take your t+breaks with a fat sack staring right at you?
  2. Oh a fellow NE KS blade :smoke:

    But no i usually like to have bud in my desk or something just so i know it's there once i come back to blaze again. Then i feel like it's me taking the T break because i want to not just because i cant get a hold of my drug or something.
  3. Yeah, I have a very reliable connect, and income to cover bud, so its not like I can't get it or anything, it just seems like when its in the house its just supposed to be smoked lol.

    And yes... Kansas...

    I hate this place :/
  4. No, if I have any weed left I'll smoke it and then start my t-break.

    I know bud's always available if I want it, but it's much better not to have it right in front of me for 2 very good reasons.

    1. It's MUCH easier to give into temptation if it's only 5 seconds away, your willpower barely has time to kick in and say no.

    2. If I'm taking a t-break for a month why the fuck would I let my weed just sit there and dry out for 30 days? I'd rather just pick up a fresh bag maybe 2-3 days before my t-break was gonna end.

    Same principle with dieting really. Are you more likely to eat a candy bar if you have a stash of them sitting on your desk all the time? Or if you actually have to go to out to the grocery store and buy one?

    Except... candy bars don't dry out so it makes even less sense to have weed on hand during a t-break.

    So my answer would be no, I do not.
  5. I'm on a T break right now, started yesterday and I have about a gram of sour deisel left. I haven't even been tempted to smoke it. You could try moving it to a place you normaly don't go to so you never have to see it?

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