Do you take care of your self?

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    How many of you are taking what we learn about organic growing and applying it to how you take care of your own body? Besides the obvious meds we grow, hah.

    In organics it's so freaking obvious the difference between something that kinda does the job (bottled nutes for example) and what happens when you do it "natures way". We're also creatures of this earth and those same principles apply to us. Our bodies are like our plants. Your health, your mental state, all of these things are affected by what we put in our bodies.

    Anyway, just wanted to bring that up. If you haven't already think about the similarities in bottled nutes and say McDonalds or high fructose corn syrup. Sure, you will survive but you won't reach your potential. I mean the comparisons are endless. It reminds me of that move Idiocracy...

    Anyway, that is all.

    It would just make me sad to see someone taking such good care of their plants while filling their stomach with "bottled nutes", haha.
  2. Man, I ate eggs benedict with extra hollandaise (butter+egg yolk) almost every day for years for my breakfast. Then there's the whole whiskey and cigarettes issue. I do a lot of bicycling so it's hard to tell by looking at me, but it may be time for a lifestyle tune-up.

    So ya, subbed.
  3. Dude, I'm horrible at eating healthy. I've always said I would rather eat what I wanted and die a little earlier. I really don't have much to share on this I just wanted to aid anyone who hasn't already realized the connection.
  4. I'm getting there!
  5. i eat meat at most once a day. i usually only eat meat 3-4 times a week, but i purchased a new grill last week so its been once a day recently....except for yesterday, i had a deluxe pizza for lunch & steak for dinner......but thats the first time i ate meat twice in one day in a month, so i believe i am ok.

    ive been broke recently with this new house and all, but ill start to see more money quite soon, and when i do im going to try and buy my food locally. i know quite a few people with chickens, so organic cage free eggs are no problem. organic milk......that will be tricky for me, but i dont drink too much milk anyways so its whatever. i can get all my produce at a local farmers market, and most of it is supposed to be organic. i will also be growing quite a bit of my own food, so no question about organic there.

    i have not went out to buy meat yet; i need to buy a coffin-freezer first to store all of it. when i do im sure ill check out a few places i see on the side of the road who advertise meat know to check out how their cows are raised and whatnot.

    i guess my eating habits are good. im not in shape but im not fat, so i guess that makes me average.lifting things is no problem, but i need to start working out has to go somewhere!!! ;) i also smoke cigarettes...about a pack every 2 days.....another thing i need to quit.

    nobodies perfect.

  6. I take care of myself, my plants and others including clients and children.

    I think I am doing okay. ;)
  7. Nice thread :)

    Ever since I've been growing organic, I have been going more organic in my diet and life. It's a way of life, if you get into it. I think location depends a lot. A town away is literally the health food mecca. My town of nearly identical size has 1 (that's one) health food store. My diet now matches my growing style. I mostly only eat organic veggies, organic meats (free range/grass fed, very important), and organic seeds/nuts. I'm trying to open my mind and starting to meditate as well. Natural medicines only, chiropractor, acupuncture. I am trying to be who I want to be, both in private and public.

    Another good recommendation I can make for people is to educate yourself somewhat on labeling laws. With our corrupt government consisting of ex-Monsano higher-ups, it is very important to realize what is most likely a direct GMO product or if an animal has been fed GMO feed. Organic makes a difference if it is on the back or front of the package. 'Natural' simply means nothing more than 'minimally processed'. Even Whole Foods and similar other stores warn some of the products they sell will contain GMO's.

    One of the smartest things I remember pops saying when I was younger was "The only item you truly own is your health". I wished I listened a little better. Most of my health problems are due to my own actions. I, apparently, have to pee on the fence to learn. Where's that rewind button? :rolleyes:

  8. It's the button marked "the future". It's not about doing-over, it's about what we do moving forward.

    Peace bruvva stankenstein meister-mate! :wave:
  9. I think we should be looking at our bodies the way we look at our plants. In organic gardening we have a living soil with a micro herd that is very sensitive. If we give it what it wants, it thrives and we see it instantly in the color of the leaves as well as the vigor of the growth. If we give it a toxin, we will kill off the microherd and we instantly notice negative changes in growth. If we neglect to give the plant what it needs, their will be a deficiency and you will see it in the way that it grows and the color of the leaves. Then you have ph. If the ph in your soil is off, your plant isn't able to absorb the nutrients like it should causing deficiency.

    Think of our body the same way. Your body has a microherd! And what you feed them matters! The majority of the nutrients that you need to thrive are in raw fruits, raw veggies, nuts, and herbs. We use many of these on our plants as well to make them healthy. If you juice them you are putting them into a form which your body can instantly absorb, much like our beloved botanical teas. If you cook them, you are exterminating the life that is inside of that living item. Very similar to if we were to microwave our soil to sterilize it or boil our botanical teas instead of just letting them ferment. We let them sit and absorb at room temperature so we can take care of our little buddies in there doing the hard work. The more life that you put into your body, the more life you will have in your body. If you eat meat, (I am not a vegan I love bacon) you are eating something dead, delicious, but still dead. There is value, but not in the amounts that we eat. In the amounts that the average american eats, the bad far outweighs the good. Living food vs dead food. the more living food you eat, the more alive you will feel. The more dead food you eat, the closer to death you will become. Think about the ratio of raw fruits and veggies to dead meat, dead(cooked) veggies, and other dead things eaten. For most people, the amount of living food eaten is less than 10 % of their diet. (and the 10% that is eaten is non-organic GMO) Then they wash it down with diet coke. Diet coke is not water! Remember the movie idiocracy where they were watering the plants with gatorade. Kinda like that. Diet coke has chemicals in it. Humans just couldn't give up their sugar, so we created chemical sweeteners which turn into formaldihide in your body. Great! Ph problems here we come!

    If you drink alchohol, breath toxic fumes, put chemicals inside of you on purpose( medications, recreational drugs, eat Mcdonalds), you are putting toxins in your body. Toxins will throw off your ph inside of your body, which will hurt your ability to absorb the nutrients. Drinking lots of water helps because like our plants, we need to stay hydrated and it can FLUSH (I know you guys love FLUSHING!) out the toxins in large amounts. If we were to grow our bodies organically, we wouldn't need to flush. Normal amounts would be fine.

    So not only are we deficient in the amounts of nutrients going into our bodies, but our ph is off from the chemicals we love to give them is well which causes deficiencies which show up as unhealthy disease ridden bodies. If we would feed our bodies the way they are supposed to be fed, we wouldn't need mandatory healthcare because we would be self curing ourselves with organic vegetables. Cancer, Heart disease, and many other uncurable diseases are food born illnesses! Bill Clinton had heart bypass surgery just after his presidency. Soon after, he stopped eating all meat, fish, and dairy. He is now cured of all heart disease and the doctors have said that his diet has guaranteed that he will never have another heart attack. The Gerson Therapy states that we are treating our cancer patients incorrectly. When someone gets cancer, we pump them full of toxins so we can kill off all living things, then try to grow back the good stuff only(much like the common way to grow veggies). Instead, when someone is sick, we should eliminate all possible negatives in their diet and pump them full of organic, non gmo goodness. Make them as healthy as possible so their own antibodies can fight off the problem. This is the way mother nature intended. Stop fucking with what god has given us. You cant do it better. The proof is here. We are just stuck on an old, shitty, chemical based way of thinking.

    Got a stomach problem? Dont change the way you eat, we've got a pill for that.
  10. I just took care of myself 5 minutes ago!
    It was pleasant enough.

    Bet, that's not what the topic is about. Heh
  11. I have OCD.
    Whenever I try to eat healthily I go too far and end up like one of those PETA nut-jobs. lol
    One day I'll find a balance. I hope.
  12. Being obsedded with being healthy is a good kind of problem to have
  13. GRRRRRR. thats my other pet pieve. Damnit, now im pissed. Im gonna have to get high before somebody mentions monsanto or cheap shitty dog food
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    1 in every 88 children have autism now. The president of Autism Speaks is pleading with big pharma to make more medication to treat all the symptoms. It's disgusting. The cause of the problem is supposed to solve it, with life-long prescriptions.

    Uh-oh :eek:

    I find it funny how riddled both the democrat and republican parties are with ex-Monsanto higher ups.

    Think voting dummycrat is gonna change anything??

    Think again!!!

  15. Thanks for the link stankie. I'm having my first little boy come June 12th, so I've got some reading to do before the so-called experts pump him full of shit he doesn't need
  16. Not when you start trying to replace meat and dairy with supplements man.
  17. Its sooo much better, when you go the opposite of society, fish n veggies only for me ,brush my teeth only with tea tree and neem toothpaste , cut prcossed sugar out stevia or agave it is, no chemical cleaning products ,all thanks to the organic section, and also after hitting 25 and having a brother die from cancer and father diagnosed with diabetes u realize we humans can't live the way we do.

    The way we live Is just like the way we grow, you sometimes stop and wonder why you were doing it any other way, and try to advocate others to change, but don't try to shove it down their throats all the time, you don't wanna be THAT guy.
  18. [quote name='"Psilocin420LSD"']
    Not when you start trying to replace meat and dairy with supplements man.[/quote]

    Replace meat and dairy with plants and plant based milks. Have you ever had non dairy cheese.

    Damn sorry ...I'm starting to be THAT guy lol.

  19. Stankie,

    With the talks we've had about probiotics, this thread got me to doing some looking around and I found a bunch of info on using probiotics instead of vaccines. Here's just one study:

    Goodbye Needle, Hello Smoothie: New Generation Oral Vaccine Uses Dairy Probiotics To Protect Against Disease

    With the past info proffered by MM and Vinny P as well as some Google searching, it looks like we can be treating ourselves a lot more effectively than Big Pharma.



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