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Do you swllow?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by KevinDwane, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I thought more people did but when I started asking around, I began to re-evaluate my assumptions. So the question is: Do you swallow or spit?

    Personally, I've always swallowed. I thought it was the "proper" thing to do from when I first started fooling around. Besides, sperm has protein and all in it, so I take that as a biological nudge. After my friends and I had a drunken girls night and got to talking, it made me think.

    How about you?
  2. Im a dude. I dont do that shit. Weird thread
  3. [quote name='"MCMHH"']Im a dude. I dont do that shit. Weird thread[/quote]

    Lol. Same here. Op has a weird name for a female.
  4. Hahahha, Wtf is this
  5. I gargle with it
  6. Yeah I swallow. Its easier than holding it in my mouth and then getting up to spit it out.
  7. this thread delivers ;D
  8. I spit.

    On her.

    If she doesn't swallow.
  9. Haven't you ever heard the phrase "spitters are quitters"?
  10. I swallow if I'm in the mood. Not every man gets the satisfaction of all of the awesome things that I am willing to do in the bedroom.
  11. I feel obligated to swallow since they're my bfs. But I would spit with one ex. I didn't like the taste of his cum. I could swallow my bfs cum all day though. I love the taste of him :devious:

    And I could have swore op was a man. I thought op made a thread about toys and his wife... I could be wrong I suppose.
  12. I always swallow. I love everything about my man, and his seed is no exception.

    You mean that one haha? Also "they" posted in my dick biting thread saying they don't like it. Confusing. Maybe OP is a married bisexual man? Or a troll. Because they said they had a girls night. Hmm. Troll.

  14. Yup lol that's the one. I knew I wasn't trippin. Op could be bisexual, but since he's married to a woman Id assume he wasn't having a girls night talking about swallowing cum... very weird. Definately a troll.

  15. Yet you felt the need to post that... Lol! :laughing:
  16. i don't see why it would matter if a chick spit or swallowed. if i already came, i don't get any satisfaction out of her going the extra step
  17. I eat a lot of vagina. I slurp that soup :)

  18. ^ this :D I've been with the same man the last four years, and if he slurps my juices then I'm gonna suck him dry and swallow every drop of his cum. :yummy:Besides who wants to walk around with a mouth full of cum looking for somewhere to spit?

  19. You're the first person I've ever heard say that. It's something I've wondered in my head for a long time. I swallow but I wonder why it honestly matters to guys when they've already came...

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