Do you subconsciously turn your music down whilst stoned too?

Discussion in 'General' started by VoicelessPanda, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. So when I smoke weed and listen to music at the same volume i was prior to being high I tend to feel the music is way louder than when I was listening to it prior being stoned and flogged.
    Possibly a sense of enhanced senses thus hearing and sight becoming slightly, possibly even only mentally, enhanced?
    Also my glasses tend to becoming annoying and hurt my eyes and when I take them off I feel perfect and sort of sightful with shadows more o.o
    That last one just might be this weed XD
  2. I like my music like my weed, "LOUD"! .Cannabis does heighten your senses but I would love to find research on this. 
  3. I turn my music up while stoned
  4. But with some in ear skullcandys man o.o
  5. I had some skullcandys once and I wasn't disappointed, it sucked that they had to end early. I currently have an Urban Ears headphone that I bought for $50 but the sound quality isn't cheap or faint like other types, I'm trying to get some Bose or Dre Beats' but I hear they're overrated. 
  6. They're so overrated bro I loved my 50 pair of Titans over everything I've ever used
    You know they all have lifelong warranties man right?
    You just mail them to the company, I've had 4 pairs of Titans man and bought the first and used them to death and sent them in for new ones when they inevitably broke
    Skullcandys are the shit man <3
  7. Damn because I remember when I visited the Apple store, the sound quality felt that I was in a depersonalized mode, that I didn't hear any noises interfering with my music but I'll trust your word on this. I just don't want to pay 10 dollars for a new pack of batteries and I always forget I have warranty but I'll keep notified this time. 
  8. Van Halen
    Bose in ear headphones
    Crank it up to 11!

  9. I also turn it down a bit, but typically only when I'm with headphones. In cars and whatnot I turn it way up
  10. i hate when youre with people who play music loud as shit
    especially if i'm high it's like having 10 people screaming at once
  11. When I'm alone, the louder the better
  12. Depends. I need silence if I'm high and on the highway. Just hearing the wind and my car eases it a bit. Just loud music gets me all jittery when I'm tryin to just drive lol.

    But cruising around town, or at home my tunes are loud.
  13. Only if I'm driving through a parking lot... I dunno why though lol
  14. It depends on my mood. If I'm feeling introspective then I like soft music or just plain old silence. And yeah, I do the same thing with my glasses when I'm stoned. I don't like fussing with things.
  15. I think its funny when I'm outside and see someone drive past with their windows up and music blaring, they're just in their own world, and I can hear the lyrics of the song word for word. Dunno why but it just makes me laugh. In a good way.
    Music depends on my high. Usually I prefer silence, or quiet classical music when stoned. On some odd occasions I like listening to loud music.
    I just love taking the time to hear natural noises that I don't always notice when sober. Summertime is best for this. So many bugs makings noises it's incredible just to listen. Sadly we are in winter down here. Fuck you all having a nice warm summer up there (jkz).
  16. I turn it down because i always think someone will overhear it :laughing: i always turn my radio down at stoplights so other people don't hear me rocking out to songs that a man like me would be embarrassed to be singing.
  17. I don't turn it down but I've noticed that I put an album on with intentions of listen to a few songs I like, and inevitably get distracted with something and miss the songs... You wouldn't believe how annoying it is.
  18. doesn't effect volume for me
  19. If Im blazing in my cR, I will usually turn it up to some Modest Mouse because I like to feel the bass and hear the highs on my new tweeters, so I turn the music UP.

    But if I feel tough, I will change it to some CORRIDOS :D

    When Im with friends, it hasnt come up, even in my truck, where were all talking. When I toke alone I watch tv so reg. volume :O

    happy toking :D
  20. I'm not self-conscious when it comes to dancing, the more confidence I have attained, the less anxiety I have about my natural skills. I also notice that when I'm a social environment, females tend to circle me. It maybe because they're amused by it or something, I don't mind it though. 

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