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Do you stretch?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Morph420, May 29, 2009.

  1. Well I've notice that when you're high you should stretch and not just sit there or lay, it feels amazing to just stretch!

    P.S. For guys, you can deffinatly feel your ball-sack move about when you are stretching.
    I don't know about women though, sorry girls.
  2. Word. I stretch out alot when I smoke. Cra`ck my neck and back, stretch it all out. Especially nice when its a wake'n'bake
  3. Yoga then having a light toke is incredible

    Toking before however i get too many headrushes

    Stretching is so excellent

    Some can stretch to the point where they see they are not only flesh & bones

    Stretch beyond the flesh
  4. Girls can feel their balls too.

    I always stretch a bit when I'm high, it does feel outright awesome. I can always pop my knuckles/neck a thousand times real easy like when I'm high.
  5. :DI just want to let you guys know that I just tried stretching while i was high.... couldn't feel my balls... sorry.
  6. Damn guess I was wrong....
  7. Ma Ball Sacks a movin
    Yea stretching is great. Stretching while laying under your covers in bed is nice
  8. I love to stretch while high. It makes me feel so relaxed and makes couch lock even better.
  9. There are two things I have learned in life................

    1.) Stretching is the best thing to do.....


    2.) Fun is the best thing to have.....
  10. if i blaze in the morning, i usually workout n stretch n run laps n play football after.. good shit.. but you get tired too easy..
  11. hahahaha classic..
  12. I stretch before I run after my wake n bake usually....Nothing really special, although I'm not smoking any high quality sativas/indicas I still find the smoking eases the morning stiffness in my muscles and makes stretching easier.
  13. yeah i try to stretch in the mornings to become
  14. i don't love the after feeling. my joints get all uncomfortably-tingly.
  15. WTF is this in 'Seasoned Tokers' for?

    Meh. Kids today *grumbles and wanders away*
  16. I really want to right now. I have a bruised knee though. :( I'll try my best.
  17. I got blazed before a massage when I was in Florida. Best experience ever.
  18. It's ok that you're a fag. You are just contributing to "The best counter-culture community" :p
  19. I stretch A LOT because I am really active. Love doing shit outdoors.
  20. That is so funny!
    I was going to type something to that effect when I replied, but decided not to!

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