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Do you still live with your parents???

Discussion in 'General' started by dean0000, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I have noticed a lot of treads on this forum that are about how to hide your weed smoking habits from your parents.

    How many of the people on this forum still live with parents and how many have there own place.
  2. Im still in college, cant afford my own place right now but next summer I will have my own apartment in Boston
  3. yup

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  4. been moved out, and my bong just chills out in the open 24/7
  5. I just moved back home about 3 or 4 months ago to go back to school and graduate, hopefully do some post-secondary stuff too. Not enjoying it a ton though, but the expenses can't be beat.
  6. Got my own place... and damn a lot of people are young here... unless u are just too lazy to move out when u are 18...
  7. Moved out when I was 16. Haven't been back since. :)
  8. I'm at home until Aug. 18th, then I'm finally done at community college and I'm transferring to a university so I can start taking upper level Political Science courses for my major.

    And I just found out I got a double I hope I have a roommate that's alright with me bringing the Toro :bongin:
  9. eh i live at home cause im still in school. i don't have a good enough job to be living on my own but i occasionally stay with my brother for weeks at a time and that's like my own place
  10. I have my own place, a shitty little apartment in a big ass city. Maybe I should consider moving back in with my parents.
  11. I'm 18. I'm off to college in the fall and on top of tuition, books, fees, etc, I have car insurance, subscription fees, gas, etc etc. I dont ask for much from my parents, but sharing a room with a little brother sure beats working 50 hours a week just to get by.

    In this stage in my life, I am still persuing education. I have no special skills, rich parents or relatives and the ONLY way I will EVER 'get ahead' in life is either through an education (with a subsequent high salaried career), or working a shitty job 70 hours a week for the rest of my life.

    Not everybody can or wants to survive with the bare minimum. I dont know what you did when you were 18 (if you didnt go to college ; huge mistake), but most 18 year olds around here go to college, then move out once they graduate and find a job.
  12. My mom lives at my apartment (for now). Luckily, she's cool with me smoking.
  13. When I lived with my parents I always had to be so stealthy and so careful when I wanted to smoke. It used to be a lot of work, and it truly sucked having parents that thought drugs were the root of all evil. I can't complain though, they gave me life, put a roof over my head, and raised me right. God bless them for that.
    Ever since I moved out a couple years ago it's been nothing but pure freedom. Never having to worry if you left something out or if you smell like smoke or if your parents noticed you're high is a lot to have off your chest. It really is nice to finally be able to smoke when I want, where I want, and with as many people I want. And the fact that I can finally grow for myself sure is a pleasure.

    Peace out everyone :)
  14. I live with my parents but they let me toke in my room.
  15. how you do that?
  16. called emancipation
  17. yeh i live at home most of the time, its not bad, not great but i can smoke all i want a i get treated like a king, ok its great. i must move permanently soon though.:rolleyes:
  18. I was legally emancipated. Then, got a 3rd shift job while still in highschool. 2 sleepless years later, I graduated. :)
  19. Yeah, I still live with my dad; but it's so great. I can sit here and smoke a dub, bowl, anything wherever I want and he treats me like an adult. IM' with wak, I need to move too =P
  20. moved out when i was 17.

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