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Do you still cough? Or ever did?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jagris, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I never was a cougher unless it was bad herb. I took a break for about 6 months and still don't cough on the rare occasion I do smoke now. A lot of my friends cough a lot, some say they do it to get higher, some just can't handle it. No matter how cooled the hit is, from a bong or a waterfall, they still cough. Granted we don't get good herb around here often so that might be it, but I was wondering, do y'all cough?
  2. Only cough when I smoke sum super loud
  3. I cough every time and I been smokin since i was 15

    Cigarettes don't make me cough

    Since quitting them though weed makes me cough a ton and I think it's the weed aiding my lungs in expelling all the negative buildup from the tobacco.
  4. I used to cough a lot when I first started smoking. Now I barely cough, and when I do I cough once and my throat is cleared.
  5. I have mostly vaped for the last couple of months, I just tried smoking tonight and I coughed like a bitch. I used to be able to take a huge hit and not cough at all. I could regain it quickly if I picked up smoking again. :smoking:
  6. I only cough if I take a big enough hit. It doesn't matter the quality of the bud, I've smoked medical that's pretty harsh, but on the other hand it can be some cheaper weed yet smooth.
  7. I've been smoking for about four years now, and I still cough like it was the first time I smoked. :laughing:
  8. I cough like a bitch every time.
  9. I also smoke tobacco so that might have some affect.
  10. THC is an expectorant, so it's supposed to make you cough. That being said, I generally don't cough anymore unless I'm sick.
  11. I haven't coughed since my first time and my first time using a bong, I don't know why. I smoke the occasional cig though, so that might be why.
  12. I don't really cough anymore, but I smoke a lot of bongs as I'm sure everyone else here does too haha
  13. All depends on the size of the hit. A solid milk will give me a little cough but a fatty will have me chocking, snot coming out my nose and tears in my ears. That's how you know you did it right.

    I usually don't cough off hand pipes tho. Unless it's a steamroller and that's a whole another brother.
  14. I only cough if I am taking some fat bong rips. I am conditioned to handle pretty much anything else without coughing
  15. I cough if I forget what I loaded and draw more then usual. It seems for me at least it differs on the type of super weed. I usually only use pipe and J's. I like the full flavor.
    Rare, but yes happens. I have friends who take hits like its the last breath on earth! Like a tornado! Some can handle it, others just pop and cough for 10 min plus.. Turn red, tears etc.. They get super baked off 1 or 2 hits they just can't hold in. Waste in some sense.
  16. People who think coughing gets you higher are retarded, 'nuff said. As for myself, I will definitely cough if I take a big enough hit. Never really cared much, though. It's not like it's all that uncomfortable for me or anything and I usually only cough a few times and then I'm good. Something to drink always helps too
  17. HUge hits off a vape make me cough, nothing else though for the most part, the vape is so dry it really irritates my throat if I inhale clouds.
  18. Not a clear question, misleading somewhat. If I were to smoke blunts, joints or spliffs I wouldn't cough, but a good bong rip will have me coughing for sure. That's how you hittin' it right. I never feel bad either, it's just pure reaction to the inhale.
  19. It depends. I never cough with a dry pipe because the smoke will burn me before it makes me cough. With bongs, it just depends on the size of the hit and the weed I'm smoking. I'm not a 1 gram in 1 hit person, but I rarely cough. A clearing of the throat makes the coughing sensation go away.
  20. I only cough when I'm smoking the last few centimeters of a fat ass J. The smoke goes down way quick cause it's really close to the roach, I never slow my breathing down enough were i don't cough at least a little.

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