Do you spend a lot on your significant other ?

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  1. Obviously if you're married, or living together this is probably a given, but how about you guys/girls that are just dating someone, or bf/gf ?

    I'm cool with mine about paying for meals, movies, and other fun stuff to go do, especially since she don't earn a lot of money. I've also gotten her a few small gifts just to be nice... but that's as far as it goes.

    The reason why I ask is... recently I had a whim to go out of town next weekend, and when I brought up the fact with my gf, she mentioned that I should take her along.

    Honestly, I don't really want her to go but don't want to hurt her feelings. I told her if she could pay for her part of the trip she was more than welcome to come along... but we both know she can't afford it. I feel like such an ass, especially after she took good care of me over this weekend while I was sick. Things were kind of awkward after we talked about it today...

    So how are y'alls spending habits on the subject ? Should I feel bad ?
  2. fuck love, all i got for hoes is hard dick and bubble gum

    -Big L (RIP)
  3. Well as a girls point of view, I'd be upset too. Probably on the medium hurt scale I guess. The best gifts are priceless, but if you just want some of your own time on a whim, how would you like it if she was like "oh well when you were out for that weekend I worked a lot of overtime and uhh I think I'm gonna go to Vegas with some of my girls"

    Anyways, my boyfriend makes more money than I do, but he's a gentleman and he pays for some things, like I don't ask him to take me out to expensive ass places or even make him buy me shit most of the time. At most it's like 10$ [or two packs of cigs a week]
    Recently, he got me a job, which I'm really happy about. I might not be working with him but I know the extra income will help us out a lot. But really, we don't let money hinder our relationship.
  4. I'll try to say this as nice as I can: It's not that I want time away from her, I just won't enjoy my trip as much if she's around. I'm going to hang out with a friend, and we're going to probably just drink some beer, watch football & go to the football game on Monday night. Honestly, I think she is just paranoid that I'm going to go down there and see my ex...

    If she went somewhere without me, I'd be totally cool about it. She actually did go on a trip to NYC not too long ago, and I was fine with that.

    She makes decent money... she's a waitress at a pretty nice restaurant downtown. I just always offer because I make quite a bit more than her, plus, she don't have roommates like I do, so she has to pay all of her rent/bills/car note & insurance on her own.

    Do you and your bf live together ? It would be different if we were living together... but I don't see that happening for a looong time.
  5. Big L is the fucking man. REST IN PEACE.

    Sometimes spending time with your loved one is a bit much, its good to have her chill wit her girls, and you chill wit your boys.
  6. I spet 85,000 on my ex yeah that's right. Eighty five fucking thousand.

    06 Grand Prix new $16,000
    Shopping Spree/Vacation in NYC $14,000
    Engagement ring $10,000
    Chrysler 300 $30,000
    and 3 random $5,000 shopping sprees.

    I got $100,000 inheriitance.
    I have like $300 bucks left.
    AND she fucked my best friend while all this was happening.

  7. nothing wrong with spending time to yourself. it's nice to have that moment alone sometimes. and you're not obligated to take her just because she's your girlfriend, ya know -- she should be able to respect that. so.. what cha gonna do?
  8. I'm sure it will be brought up later when I go over there.

    I'm hoping she won't make a big deal out of it... I'm not going to pay for her to go along, she can't afford to pay her own way, so that pretty much seals the deal. Besides, I already have my tickets for the plane, and the game so it would be pointless for her to want to go at this point.

    If it comes down to it, I'll just tell her to chill out... I will only be there for 3 days. I'll have my cell so it's not like I will be unreachable.

    Holy shit dude! You got played like a mothafucker.... shouldn't have got those cars in her name. Why the hell would she need 2 cars for anyway ? Inherited 100k and spent 85 of it on a cars & shopping sprees for some skeezer ???

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    @ least you didn't end up with 85K in debt!
  10. your fucking kidding. no one deserves all that shit, NO ONE, shouldve invested in renting a nice studio apartment, that you could live in care free, for a long while. instead this spoiled girl got all your familys hard earned money spent on her? what were you thinking? seriously..
  11. I spend way too much on my boyfriend. It's just small things like tobacco, candy, meals, shit for his know like cups and stuff like that. It's because I earn waaay more money than him, but it all adds up and he's metaphorically fucked me in the ass with it. And he smokes my cigarettes...I spark up and automatically give him one (hehehe). So now I've chosen to stop lighting up and wait for him to smoke so I can smoke his instead :p It's all fun and games.

    But seriously XVI I'm in the same situation as you at the moment...sort of. I'm going to visit my friend, Laura, in her college a few hours away next weekend for halloween. Spending the weekend :D I'm pumped like a penis, I'm so excited. My boyfriend doesn't really want me to go because he thinks men will hit on me and he's not there to do anything about it. But I'm a big girl and can look after myself. I did ask him to come with us but he couldn't afford it or get the time off work. He's not very cool about it though, he's really overprotective.
  12. Thats fucked up... but you should have been prepared for something like this and sat enough aside to hire a hit on her if she did fuck you over.
  13. yeah, I spend a bit on my boyfriend, but we split it up. one day I'll pay for lunch, the next day he pays for dinner, etc. we try to make it fair. he's worth it :smoking:
  14. Lunch: $9.50
    Dinner: $46.00


  15. New car: $30,000

    Haha, jp bro:D
  16. well i don't have one but if i did............................i probably wouldn't
  17. No, not really.

    I barely have enough money to smoke bud.

    Haha, I have no shame.
  18. to date, its close to 10g's...yeah, best believie i track that shit.
  19. I dont even want to know how much my boyfriend has spent on me... I'm sure its a big number that i would feel awkward knowing. Dont get me wrong i LOVE everything i get but i feel horrible that i "cost" so much. I wish i had more money to spoil the hell out of him :(
  20. Personally i Feel that The man no matter the scenario should always pay for a woman, if its just your friend thats a girl or your girlfriend or your wife, the man pays.

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