Do you soil growers use a water reservoir?

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  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question but do you guys who grow in soil use a watering reservoir to water your plants or do you just mix the needed amount on watering day just in a water jug? I'm thinking of setting up some kind of watering container that has a tap on the bottom and hook up a watering wand and just water straight out of that container instead of running around with gallons of water up and down my stairs. Obviously I'll be checking the Ph and stuff daily and keeping the water at the optimal Ph. And if I go this route should I add nutes directly to the container or add the nutes on feeding days? If this is what you guys are using what did you make your water container out of, what would be the best way of doing this?
  2. If you're not using a RO filter or something like it to take out the chlorine, you're going to need something to hold the water in while the chlorine evaporates, and it's recommended to use an air bubbler to speed up the evaporation and add oxygen to the water. You won't be checking the ph daily, only when you water about every 4 days. You don't nute every time so I wouldn't add the nutes until you are ready to water, I add mine in a 1000ml measuring glass for easy water to nute measuring.
  3. I have a in-line garden hose double charcoal filter hooked up to the spigot from the washing machine to fill a 50 gallon barrel.

    I then add nutes and PH.

    I water with a 1/6 hp sump pump, hose, and wand ..... works fantastic !!!
  4. I use auto-watering auto spa. nothhing fancy has resivoir in bottom. plant takes up watter as needed. I also added a air pump , air line and air rock to oxygenate the water sitting in the bottom. bought it at walmart on end of season clearance. works great I watch the level go down and refill. mine is a 5 gallon pot holds just under a half gallon of water in the bottom. I have one large lady in flowering she needed more room. you water from the top for the first week. from the bottom then after. By the way I use only rain water to water my plants. that way there is no ph to mess with add food and superthrive every couple waterings and your good to go. I keep like 7 jugs of rain water around. by the way bigger the pot the less often you must water.
  5. I know it's an old thread, but I'd like some more info on this too. Because I've noticed Advanced Nutrients feeding schedule changes every single week. So, would you be creating a new batch of nutrient solution to feed each week?

    That means you'd have to make sure to not make too large of a batch because then you'd have to throw it out before mixing the next weeks? Or could you somehow just add to the previous weeks batch? I'm thinking of just creating a fresh batch every week, or is there an easier way?

    Thanks for any input from experienced growers, I always +rep for such input.
  6. rebump. I've decided by studying the AN feeding schedule that I would mix a fresh batch for every week that I'd add nutes. Seeing as how they'd only get nutes once a week anyway, with every other watering (watering being 3-4 days apart).

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