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do you smoke your own bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheCoolest420, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. This is for all the dudes who grow. Or just have pounds of bud at time. Do you smoke your own shit?

    I hardly ever smoke my own shit. Its good quality. Dispensaries like it. But i hate it. After two months i couldnt even stand the smell. Everytime i pick up i buy a different strain and a gram of hash.

    And ill only smoke my bud if im dry and cant sleep. Im an insomniac so if im super dry ill smoke half a bowl. But i really dont like it.
  2. I get tired of certain strains so ill usually trade mine for others that grow quality product like me.
  3. I just started and will have my first harvest in am month or so, so the answer is yes, yes i will!
  4. I smoke my own. No dispensaries to sell it to right now. I just grow different strains to keep variety. A few I have grown more than once, but to me one of the enjoyable things about growing is being able to have whatever strains you want.
  5. i do because it is my only way to get weed but ya it got a little bland tho now that i got a few strains goin instead of just the one its not so bad
  6. I have a hundred or so seeds so im always switchin it up
  7. you from seattle?
  8. nope. east coast.
  9. Growers know other growers. I trade so much of mine with buddies i am always smoking something new and fresh.
  10. you should grow better weed
  11. my bud tastes like shit for some reason, so no i am not anymore until i figure out why the fuck it is so bad tasting and smelling (i dry it fine, and do not use any nutrients/fertilizer)
  12. This. Also i sell my excess meds and trade in for a diffrent strain
  13. #14 Storm Crow, Jun 23, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 23, 2013
    I just have one or two of each variety so I can change it up! Right now we are smoking Kali Mist, but the ATF is going to be harvested this weekend, and the Jack Herer is coming along nicely. On the window sill I have various  small plants at different ages- A couple Malawi cross seedlings (Thank you DD!), G 13 X Haze clone, and a mess of "no names", some of which look rather promising! :yay:
    I crossed the ATF with a Northern Lights male (I don't always get females! lol), so I am "expecting" seeds.  :hello:  One of the Malawi's is "male looking" tall and thin, so I may use him on my next cross.

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