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Do you smoke with your kids?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Monstertoker, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Just curious how many parents like to spark one up with their kids, or vice versa :smoking:
  2. i've smoked with my mom a few times. its kind of weird to see your mother hitting a bowl, but after its all done its a really great bonding experience.
  3. I am glad my parents don't smoke with me or at all that I know of.. I wouldn't like that it would be weird as hell.
  4. My friend's mom burns with us all the time in his room, she'll "steal"(ask)/buy weed from him occasionally, and she hits the fucking skillet with us.
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    I'm still in college, and haven't even humored the idea of having a child yet, except for a few pregnancy scares in high school. But, I also never got the chance to smoke with either of my parents when I was younger, or even now, since they don't like it. I've gotten drunk with them numerous times, but it's not the same :(.

    So, I feel like I probably will. BUT. Under my circumstances, and for my good reasons.

    The reasons being that I don't want my kid(s) out in the street or their neighborhood smoking buds and getting arrested or anything. I'd rather them be in a safe enviornment, so they aren't sketched out and can enjoy it.

    Also, I'd rather give my kids weed as opposed to money they would take to go buy weed, so they can know they're getting something quality and a good amount, as opposed to getting ripped off, or fronting their money, etc.

    But, my circumstances would be:

    1. No dealing. I find a scale, they're in shit. And they don't need it to weigh out bags, since I'd be hooking them up, and fattening their bags, not skimping them.
    2. Limited friends over. 2-3 at the most. How great would it be to have cops come to my house when I have my kid and a bunch of his friends there smoking dope :rolleyes:.
    3. Don't bring it to school/airport/anywhere stupid.
    4. Be responsible. They need to keep grades up and not just sit around getting high all day.
    5. No telling anybody where they get their weed. You know how kids are at those ages. They'll be so excited to tell their friends, "Hey! I get my bud from my dad :smoking:", which turns into, "Hey! He gets his bud from his dad :smoking:", and someone who isn't supposed to know ends up hearing it.
    6. Don't pinch from my stash.

    And, I wouldn't bring this up with them EVER. If it's senior year and they haven't approached me, found my stash, or gotten caught by me with weed, then the talk never happens. I'm not gonna push it on them, which that would essentially be doing. If they find my buds, catch me smoking, ask me, or they get in trouble by authority or I catch them smoking, then I'll tell them all those rules and how I feel about herb. I expect this age to be 14-17, not as early as I started (12).

    Yep. Just thought of that all on the spot. :wave:. My kids'll be happy if they enjoy the herb and learn their father does, too, and can share the experience in the family.
  6. Those are gonna be some lucky ass kids gettin fat baggies from their old man :smoking:
  7. My friend's father always smokes with her. Hell, he buys all her weed for her. Lucky bitch.
  8. I knew this girl in HS that her parents would give her bud in place of allowance. She'd just keep a bit and sell the rest at stupid low prices like 10 a g dank bcuz she wasnt paying for it. Pretty sure her ad was a drug dealer or something....and im not talking weed.
  9. My parents are personally chill with me smoking, but they are against it.

    I've blazed with my friends parents though, that was pretty fun.
  10. I smoke with my dad all the time. My mom does not know I smoke though.
  11. Never smoked with my mom but we both smoke weed but she doesn't know I do .... well she went to a party and I smoked a couple bowls and went inside. Then she gets home high as shit so it's funny cuz were both high together
  12. Haha my friends dad smokes and it's pretty obvious he's high...
  13. I've smoke with my friend's mom before but my mom is super against it. She knows I smoke though :smoke:
  14. My mum got high with me once...Fuckin' freaky experience, she was laughing hysterically the entire time, and my family is already insane...Just pourin' gas on the fire she was.:cool:
  15. My mom has always been an innocent person never drank or did weed just smoke cigarettes for a couple years. My dad has too much pride and hes never like weed so no but even if they did id find it awkward, shit I still feel awkward watching a movie with my parents that has nudity in it I dont think id want to smoke out with my parents.
  16. My friend gets all her weed for free from her dad, and her dad isn't even a dealer. Lucky bitch.
  17. My mom was fine with me smoking but she didn't believe in ever smoking with me. She said it's irresponsible.
  18. both my parents have always smoked throughouht my childhood which actually pushed me away from it during middle school but once i got to highschool i met some chill people who smoked that got me into it and now i blaze with my dad everyday
  19. i blaze with my dad daily..whenever one of us has nug well get each other ripped...feels good man lol
  20. Hahahaha :D. Today I was watching Pineapple Express in the living room and my mom sat down next to me. (Mind you she knows I smoke and she doesn't mind) but it was just awkward as fuck. I would never wanna smoke with my parents.

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