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Do you smoke with knives?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by QuebecPot, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. Do you smoke with warm knives in your country? It's a way to smoke hat we really like and use in quebec.

    You take a little ball of weed, you make it very compact, you put 2 knives in the fire of a torche up to the time when they're red, and then you touch the ball of weed and you burn it with the knives. And swallow the smog. It's the best way to smoke!
  2. called knife hits and yes some people do but its rare
  3. Leave it to quebec to do everything backward ass.

    Just roll a joint you poutine eating bastard.

    lol I'm jk, I love poutine. :D
  4. hehe warm knives!

    HOT knives! i love em. I keep a blowtorch next to all my bongs and pipes incase im ever in the mood. nothing, NOTHING gets you more stoned than a hot knife. a .1 will put you on your ass.
  5. never tried but i might try it out :D does it also work with hash?
  6. I can never find anything to get the knives hot enough, a lighter doesn't work, and i don't have a blowtorch, so I'm out of ideas
  7. stove.
  8. ^ what he said, use a stove thats got the coils that heat up and just wedge the knife in between them till it gets red hot
  9. we have a convection oven, so it doesn't work
  10. good 'ol Hotknives. and because the question was asked, yes hotknifing works for hash, it works VERY well for hash, but a little goes a long way so keep that in mind. i know i've seen a pic of Unoit hotknifing hash. if it's good enough for him it's good enough for the rest of us :D
  11. i dont like smokin up knives, they all have attitudes
  12. yeah, we do 'hot knives" all the time, but call them "blades". and their the best thing for hash, they get you so baked. i would recommend cutting a 500ml bottle in half to inhale the smoke that way you dont waste any weed.
  13. Damn right herbsman... I blade a shit load of pot all the time.. Its one of my fav ways of smokin due to the amount of Highness you get.... Ive been smokin for about 7 years. and yet to find a better way of toking... Oh and as for the 500ml bottle thing ya that works excelent but if u cant stumble upon a pop bottle for some odd reason u can always just take the inky part out of a pen and use the pen to do it as well... For all of you are at home tryin to blast up some blade hoots... Make sure u get em nice and red hot..
  14. It's really the best way to smoke. I smoke with this every day and you'll never be stone at this point with something else... expect maybe a gravity.
  15. I've never done this, but i will as soon as im not dry anymore. But im curious how this supposedly gets you higher than other ways of somking....
  16. I'm gonna have to try it. And yeah, I'm intrested how it would get you higher then say a pipe. With a pipe it's a direct line, smoke to lungs. So how would blading something be better?
  17. it gets you higher because u get more of the actualy smoke into our lungs... When u smoke out of a pipe or bong or joint... ull notice some of the smoke will rise up off the pot. with blades the super heated knives blast the hoot in one quick huge blast and all the smoke goes into your lungs... now if u really really wanna get fucked... hold your hoot for as long as u can :D!! Give er a Go!
  18. mmmmmmmm gravity my brother and i made one and i still have it actually. it works great im dry till tommarrow so maybe ill break it out again.
  19. I love to hot knife with hash. Best way to smoke it in my opinion... but hash is pricey so I don't buy it.
  20. sounds worth doing if you have hash or somethin. sounds like too much of a hassle for just bud though..

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