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Do you smoke to get rid of emotional pain?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mos_def, May 18, 2010.

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    I always thought that if you use drugs to get rid of emotional pain, that is a form of abuse and it shouldn't be done.

    But sometimes I plan to get high, and shit happens before i do so i feel like i shouldn't smoke.

    Anyways, do you smoke to get rid of emotional pain or "escape your life"?
  2. I personally smoke to get rid of emotional pain, as well as for enjoyment. It's probably not the best way to take care of my problems, but stress-wise, it sure damn helps.
  3. I smoke to forget about my current situation and the world in general.

    I like to get high too.
  4. Fortunately for me, I haven't got much if any emotional pain.

    I smoke to enjoy my high.
  5. i often smoke to help alleviate the stress in my day-to-day life. I don't really like people saying what smoking should and shouldn't be used for. It's my life, I'll smoke whenever i damn well feel like it.
  6. i smoke because i love the plant regardless, but sometimes after an incredibly stressful day which is almost everyday for me i just need a break and need 2 smoke 2 relax, some things cant just be solved, and in the meantime your just gonna kill yourself waiting, so think of it as just passing the time, i still take care of my buisness, i just dont like 2 worry about it 24/7, most of my life, the only time i was truly ever happy was when i was rippin a fat hit and watching the world transform into a dream :smoking:
  7. the herb will not get rid of your emotional problems, only make them invisble to your mind until the herb has left you. Until you confront your emotional pains they will merely melt into shadow everytime you use the herb. Solve your problems, and then after that use the herb to forget about all the ill-feelings of the past that now will not melt away, they will not even have existed, and shall not return to haunt you anymore.
  8. Nope.

    The only way to deal with emotional pain is to face it head on. Once you've accpeted the hurt, you can move past it.

    Then I get high!:smoking:

  9. for sure man and yea i do alot and yes i agree it is abuse and it sucks but u know what it helps to kill the pain

    i also enjoy getting high just to have some fun!!
  10. You whats alot better solution to kill the pain? Accept it and move on with out using drugs. Face whatever is making you feel bad head on.
  11. There three big reasons i smoke and many small ones but the big three are is because i love smoking herb, to control my anger because i anger management problems, and because marijuana gives me a different view of life and since i started smoking i've questioning many things unlike i have before i smoked.
  12. thats not why i smoke its just an added benefit. and if you do, it's not abuse, it's better than bottling it up and 10 years later going on a killing rampage
  13. for sure man i am gonna deal with the emotional shit b4 i smoke agian totaly kills the high if i smoke pissed or sad
  14. i smoke because i want to and i like it

    i love the feeling and i plainly love Mary Jane

    i think people should smoke because they enjoy it
    its just an opinion

    it helps with forgetting for the moment and having some laughs but its just a hobbie for me, just like i play soccer to have fun and forget my problems thats why i smoke too.:smoking: just something i enjoy
  15. Nope, but i'll still smoke if I happen to have emotion pain.
  16. I get high to help with things like depression, insomnia, anxiety, stress, pain and sometimes I just want to get high or use for other reasons.
  17. If you have to rely on weed to get over your problems, that isn't a good thing. It doesn't actually solve anything. It's no different than alcoholics that drink away their sorrows.

    For me anyway, weed would only make a bad situation more painful. When I'm high and think of something sad, I feel more down than I would be if I was sober. However, if I'm just frustrated with something minor, smoking always makes that frustration go away.
  18. That wasn't aimed at you or any one in specific, just in general i don't like to be told what smoking should/shouldn't be used for.
  19. i like this man honestly neather do i sorta sounds like the goverment tellin me i cant smoke weed
  20. When ever there is something bad happening in my life I just don't feel like smoking, I smoke to have fun not "escape my life" That shit is just stupid. Whenever I have a problem and get drunk or high it doesn't really help. :poke:

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