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Do you smoke stems as a last resort?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tapsumbong, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. When you know you wont be getting bud for a while do you smoke your stems if you havent thrown them away?
  2. I have an ashtray so when Im dry I smoke half burnt nugs.

    so no
  3. way to do it is with a bong with ice + fruit punch
  4. Dude stems won't really get you high smoking them get some half and half and some breakfast tea and what thc is in the stems will stick to the half and half just make sure to sift out the stems
  5. Hell no, can't stand it.
  6. Yep. I save all my stems until I have a about a gram or until I run out of bud. I grind them up (mainly for any keif) and smoke em in quick snap bowls with a bunch of ice. Sometimes the taste is so horrible I just stop after the first hit, but they eventually get smoked.
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  7. No way would I smoke the stems. What I do with the stems is just grind the shit out of them in my grinder and collect a good amount of kief from them.
  8. I'm getting a vaporizer soon, so i'll be able to make full use of my stems.
  9. Not worth the headache. Google it there is some real studys that tell you how low the thc is as well as how bad it is for you(more tar in stems).
  10. No. I have before and will never again.

    Either save enough to make a little qwiso or throw them out.
  11. well lately i havent had the money for big pickups, so i usually get a small amount, and the buds get don't have many big stems. so ive been just throwing them in my bowl using them as screens.

  12. Pun definitely intended. We tried this back in high school along with a bowl of seeds and you talk about the most intense headache ever!
  13. When I'm dry, I smoke pretty much anything that will burn.

    Stems, roaches, ashtrays, resin, you name it.
  14. Not anymore. Save your stems in a pill bottle, when its half full, fill it to just over the bud with vanilla extract and let it sit for 2-3 days with the cap on. Then make french toast with it.:smoke:
  15. id rather smoke resin then stems...
  16. yah man i always do it =)
  17. they taste pretty rough an i feel like sprayin chunks afta every bowl, but if theres a drought on for more than a couple of days i'll smoke anything
  18. Nah man gives you a headache and doesn't get you high, I smoke resin in tough situations gets you just as blazed as regular weed with no headaches does paste pretty bad. But it's worth it just like mescaline. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  19. I normally just just them stems up into tiny little pieces and put them in with bud in my joints. If I only have stems left, then I'll either save them until I next get bud, or if I have a lot of them, and they're covered in lots of crystals from the bud, then I'll smoke them in a joint of their own.
  20. oh hell naw.

    but sometimes i do the half burnt chunks in the ashtray thing.

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