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Do you smoke spliffs?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by just one toke, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. I smoked a spliff for the first time on Tuesday. I didn't even know it was a spliff until we started smoking but it was the harshest, worst tasting j I've ever hit, and I've hit a lot of shitty j's. and the guy said it was only like 20% tobacco...I don't get the point in that. It's not like 20% is actually gonna save you much weed. It just fucks up the taste and makes it super harsh. All I can say is that it burned pretty well, but it was also rolled well and he torched the shit out of it when he lit it so I don't think the tobacco was a big factor in that.
  2. pretty common in the eu. I can't say I've ever seen it in the states.
    Personally I find it dumb. my personal health taking a negative impact isn't worth conserving "20%" of bud.
  3. I live in the states, and i smoke spliffs all the time. Mainly because it helps it burn much more consistently, and it also makes it easier to roll. But, I am a cigarette smoker so the tobacco doesn't bother me that much.
  4. when i used to smoke joints a bit more heavily, yes. i was only one of a few people around here who did it, and it was more like 5-10% tobacco, no more. from the states, btw.
  5. Back when I lived at home and didn't want to keep any paraphernalia of the sorts on me, I would bum a cheap cig of my dad's girlfriend and I wasn't even a tobacco smoker really. I would empty it out about half way and throw the pot on top. Usually, I would do this for two reasons.
    1.) The head high you get from tobacco after smoking weed sometimes is absolutely awesome.
    2.) I would burn cruise and since I was always sketched about getting caught it saved me two things. One, if I got pulled over, chances are I would be done with the weed section and only have a tobacco cigarette with no paraphernalia and two it would somewhat mask the smell in my car.
    Other than at that time for those reasons, I am not a spliff smoker at all. 
  6. Im in the US and I smoke spliffs all the time. I usually use 40-60% tobacco, to conserve bud and to mask smell a bit when I smoke in public. I also smoke a lot of cigarettes so I'm used to the taste.
  7. I don't always roll up a joint, but when I do...I never add any nasty ass tobacco. I'm not a smoker or an enjoyer of tobacco at all really, so no, I never smoke spliffs or make my joints into spliffs
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    pretty usual in spain. saves a lot of weed and it burns better
  9. Don't like it because I don't like tobacco. I don't want an addictive feeling to tobacco and I really don't like the taste. It's like the poison of nature ruins the love of nature hehe. Well that's just my opinion
  10. #10 Storm Crow, Jan 25, 2014
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    Never have, never will! Tobacco makes me vomit, and I am smart enough to pay attention to what my body tells me, especially when it is so emphatic about it!  :wacko:
    Tokepure      (news – undated)
  11. i love smoking fat spliffs! i probably prefer them to bowls and bongs (cant say for vapes and edibles as never tried them) smoking fattys are so chill.. especially when your with mates.. 
  12. Fuck spliffs, fuck blunts
  13. I use to be anti spliff, but recently have grown to enjoy the taste and feeling of the buzz you get. It's a once in a blue moon thing, pure joints are tasty. But sometimes a little change is nice

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