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Do you smoke every day? Is that too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by njhippie, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I just started smoking every day. I don't stay high all day but I worry about one day needing like an 8th to get high. Right now a gram of good dank could get me blazed like 10 times.

    Can you smoke every day but not require large amounts on a regular basis?
  2. i smoke weed everyday
    i dont give a fuckkkk
  3. at first you will not require alot, and it really depends on how much you smoke, dont be a moron who has to smoke all of his weed the second he gets it...smoke just enough to get you high....that will keep your tolerance as low as it can be, of course after a while it will start to change....the high will even start to change, but if u smoke the right shouldnt have to worry about a lot of weed getting you high, ive been smoking everyday for at least 4 years and in the morning a nice bowl of chronic still gets me blazed as fuck!
  4. i smoke about 1-3 times a day. on average probally 2 to 3. i just started class these past 2 days and ive been high 3 times on tuesday and 2 times wed. today i smoked twice as well haha.
  5. Probably, if you do it right. As long as you don't do it multiple times per day and only do a small amoutn each time, your tolerance stays lower so relatvely so you still get higher. I do that with good headies, and an 8th lasts me like 2 weeks of smoking every night because I never push it too far. After a long time of smoking, I've come to realize when you smoke, basically there is a maximum for how how you're going to get depended on the quality. So, after a certain point of smoking, you aren't getting much higher and your just burning shit. So if you smoke only till you reach that point each time then stop, you will both conserve your weed, and have a low tolerance.

    I hoep that made sense because it doesn't to me.
  6. i smoke everyday.

    once a day.

    is that too much?

    to you it might be.

    but for me, it is just enough.

    i get my stuff done.



    finish my days work.

    perfect dose if you ask me.
  7. fuckin sweet poem bro
  8. just blaze it down and if you can make a gram of bud last you 10 sessions that amazing
  9. i sure do, and i don't think it's too much. :) i'm as happy as can be and don't have any problem getting high. i think i've developed some kind of way to moderate my tolerance level because i still don't need much to get high, i just take bigger hits and inhale differently and it does the trick. :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  10. The high when your first start is so much different compared to smoking everyday, its a lot more chilled out after youve been tokin for a bit, at first people get crazy when they high, and can be really annoying, try and keep your tolerance low by using an efficient way of smoking/vape and only use the minimum until your high then save the rest for later, with this method you can smoke all day everyday if tahts what you choose.
  11. please just SHUT THE FUCK UP!
  12. i wish i could smoke everyday.

    ::stoned::- It makes perfect sense. I sometimes smoke in the morning (which is a great way to start the day), and i still get high. I smoke a good amount, and keep my tolerance at a steady level.

    ckycampmember- I do the same thing, I smoke and i get all my shit done, then just relax and enjoy.
  13. Yeah I've been smoking everyday for the past 2 months, but it sucks because after I smoke I don't want to do much of anything. I mean thats cool but I'm trying to find a new job now and all this weed isnt helping lol.. But I have found that I could play poker and really be able to concentrate so I guess thats a good thing. But its not too much IMO, I wish I had better shit that won't make me tired.. But every1 is out of dank shit, florida sucks..
  14. I smoke just about everyday. I only smoke once, and I usually don't smoke a lot either because I can't get herb too often.
  15. hahahahaha :hello:

    i dont smoke every day, maybe every other and on that day it is multiple times
    if you can manage to get things done and smoke every day, go ahead
  16. I smoked every day this summer, in college its harder, but im trying to blaze 3-4 times a week.
  17. got neg repped for putting bitches in their place

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  18. I smoke every day, have been for a few months. I usuall go through about 1/4 to 1/2 a week. My only complaint is that my memory is almost entirely shot, but all I really need to remember is how much I got left and what time I have to go to work.
  19. well dude u did not need to tell her to shut to the fuck up.

    that saying is from a movie... mybe its on youtube... some one remember the name

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