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Do you smoke daily? Daily Smoker Questionaire!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Muffinzs, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. 1. I smoke bowls constantly. When I wake up I'll make my coffee and smoke a bowl. Then all throughout the day I'll just keep smoking bowls to stay high.

    2. Yes I feel high, I just always feel high. It has value to me, I love it:hello:
    I have no trouble being sober and I've never felt a "need" to smoke, just the desire.

    3. Occasionally I guess, yeah, when I stand up fast...haha

    4. Typically, yeah. When I smoke alone I'll smoke a bowl here, a bowl there. Never like 5+ bowls a time unless I'm with my friends.

    5. 1-2 weeks generally
  2. 1. Mainly my pipe and my mates bong.

    2. Well i definitely don't feel sober, i like feeling mellow throughout the day

    3. Nope

    4. I session with friends quite often atleast once a week, but i definitely prefer smoking by myself. Being from uk i always get forced into smoking spliffs and i hate it, but i still do it.

    5.Well i'm a student and i live away from home to study, So whilst i'm away from home and i have money, i smoke pretty much everyday (i probably smoke a miniscule amount compared to you guys as weed is expensive here, probably 1.5g a week) when i'm back home i try to have a tbreak then
  3. 1.How do you smoke? ---Joints seem to be the most effective way for me. If I'm too lazy to roll then in a pipe/bubbler/bong

    2.Do you feel high when you smoke daily? ---No. Approx. 3 months ago I stopped getting high so I stopped smoking

    3.Do you get random head rushes? ---Nope

    4.Do you only session with friends? ---I session alone and with my boyfriend. I like sessioning wit friends too but I don't have a lot of friends that blaze

    5.How long do you Tbreak? --- A month. It takes a month for the stuff to get out of your system. I'm currently on day 23/30 :D so proud of myself
  4. 1.How do you smoke? Extreme Q vape

    2.Do you feel high when you smoke daily? Definitely. My tolerance has always been super low.

    3.Do you get random head rushes? If I stand up too fast after being melted into the couch for an hour.

    4.Do you only session with friends? 95% of the time its just me smoking.

    5.How long do you Tbreak? Never needed to.

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