Do you smoke cigs to get high?

Discussion in 'General' started by ladynarmo, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. I never got too into smoking cigs.
    I used to smoke very occasionally about 9 years ago, but never regularly.
    I also used to smoke weed occasionally around that time.

    Now, after weed got legalized, I was excited to start again and I smoke it recreationally quite often.
    Almost every weekend and a few times at night before I sleep.

    However, I've been kind of contemplating a lot because I feel like I'm wasting too much time smoking weed.
    I mean a high lasts 2-3 hours for me. So that's 2-3 hours of me not getting some kind of work done or not sleeping (making me tired for the next day).

    And then, a few days ago, I was smoking weed and a friend was smoking a cig so we shared. It was a Mrlbro 27 blend. It was so incredibly smooth and made my high feel so much better.
    So, yesterday, I bought a pack and smoked it after smoking a bowl and it felt good.
    And today, I just smoked a cig, not wanting to get high for the next 3 hours.
    I felt a bit of a buzz, like I'm slightly high.

    And I never felt that kind of buzz when smoking a cig before.
    Is this why yall cig smokers smoke?
    I honestly didn't understand why smokers smoked cigs until just today.

    It feels so incredibly good to just sit at my balcony, have a small blanket since it's a bit chilly, sit on a little chair I have, watch the rain dropping from the edge of the roof, and listen to some chill music. Feels real good at night.

    Anyway, I'm happy.

    Hope I don't turn into all my coworkers, who are so addicted to cigs they have to go outside to smoke a cig several times throughout the day.
  2. Stay away from cigs.
    They’re poison.
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  3. You will turn into an addict like your coworkers and be joining them when they go out to smoke. Best stop right now if it's not too late already. The fleeting high from smoking soon goes away and you'll be smoking just to relieve the withdrawal you'll feel after a few hours without a cig. Do you really want to be a cig smoker?
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  4. I smoked a pack of marlboro red box a day for 30 years because I am addicted to nicotine. You do not get a buzz from cigarettes. You get lung cancer, emphysema and you stink. And you are spending like $8.00 for a pack.
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  5. Yeah honestly op I've been smoking a pack, sometimes two packs a day regularly for the past 8 years, been smoking weed for 4 regularly. Nothing beats bud, and beyond that - smoking cigarettes while getting high is proven to increase your physical dependency to both. If you couple the together you're playing with fire, and you will become a nicotine addict. You should stop while you're ahead. My roommate just uses the tobacco from his rellos in grav packs, try that instead of cigarettes. There's really nothing worse.
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  6. Agreed

    consider a Vape?

    Greetz Hamato
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  7. I smoke cigarettes for fun sometimes. I've been doing that for years and I've never been addicted. It's all about self control. Although there is moments where I'll be blitzed out of my mind and will huff and huff on a stick until I get buzzed as fuck and that just adds to the high.
  8. I told myself that 14 years ago
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  9. I recently started smoking cigs again after 5 years they are disgusting I hate it I will quit again soon the high your describing is nicotine rush
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  10. Been smoking cigarettes now for about 3 years. I smoked for 2 years before and quit for about a year and a half, back at it now.
    I agree with the others on quitting but I will say in my opinion I do get a better high after smoking a bowl when I have my cigarette after. Can't explain it really.
  11. Nicotine’s action in the brain works to inhibit reuptake of neurotransmitters. So smoking a cigarette will almost certainly increase the intensity and duration of a high, be it marijuana or something else. This is why many drug users are smokers, and why even after becoming sober it is still difficult to kick the habit. It works as a reinforcing mechanism as well. Every time you smoke a cig after a high, your body remembers the increase in pleasure from smoking the cig. You continue to smoke because you’ve now associated that uptick with the cigs, and you don’t feel as “high” without it.

    I don’t do it anymore, but I would always smoke a cig after a blunt to get me really high.

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  12. I was goin' to get all offended here by the last question...All like, "Hey, hey...I smoke and I'm perfectly fine."

    But I'm fairly sure everyone knows that isn't true, and I can't lie.:coolalt:
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  13. smoked from when i was 19 to 27, I quit last October.
    I dont suggest you start, or think you can start and just quit. It's not worth it.

    I quit one other time during that 8 year period and decided to smoke just one cig, then i was back to buying packs in no time.
  14. Smoking is like living in the most polluted and toxic city in Asia, where the shit flavor of the air depends on the direction of the wind lol. Both knock 10 years off your life expectancy on average. Stay the hell away, I've taken care of so many smokers, watching them die, and it's just pitiful.

    I wonder how much of a utopia society would be if people didn't have such self-destructive and costly habits. Tobacco has killed multiple times more people than all wars throughout all of human history. 400,000 a year in America alone, millions globally; it has been the #1 killer in America many times.
  15. Cigarettes are my retirement fund
  16. Hm... it is not usual but sometimes smoking helps me easier and calm down, get high is a strange feeling
  17. hahaha used to
  18. I don't even hear anyone talk about it when I ask "why do you smoke cigs?", but there is the term nicotine buzz, which, I believe slightly feels like being high, but for a short amount of time.
  19. hell no....cigarettes are disgusting and the buzz is very underwhelming.

  20. :lmafoe: Cigarettes don't get you high for a short amount of time.

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