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Do you smoke cigarettes?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonero, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I was just sitting here chillin and I was curious as to who smokes cigs here. Personally I have always thought of it as me not smoking or drinking is to compensate for the weed smoking I have. So in other words, I don't drink or smoke. Here and there I'll take a puff right after a session but in my eyes that doesn't count, I am only trying to enhance the high, nothing more, nothing less.

    So how about you?
  2. i don't smoke cigs anymore, i used too quite awhile ago but then i found marijuana. :)
  3. Cigarettes are gross as hell. Mary J ftw!
  4. cigarettes suck.
    but i still smoke em.
  5. Even though I voted no, I'll admit I did smoke a cig a few times a year for a while, but recently I decided that they just suck. In the past 10 years, 8 of my family members/friends have died from cancer (heart, liver, lung, etc.)

    I figure I'm bound to get cancer at some point in my life, and I'd rather it not be my own fault.
  6. Just the sweet MJ for me bro. :D JOE>
  7. Every once in a while if im offered i would like 1 a week or so. Now I have totally quite cigs...I dont see why anyone would pay some one to kill them.
  8. im honestly scared of cigarettes, I stay far away from those.
  9. i wouldnt smoke em if i could have a joint everyday but am always low on weed :(
  10. Ciggs are gross, ill even turn down a spliff if batch is mixed in! Blunts are another story, only kinda way ill smoke tobbaco,considering theres a significant amount of weed inside it.
  11. Tobacco has no redeeming qualities. Think about it, how many government regulated and approved products do you know of that, if you use them as directed and expected, will slowly kill you?
  12. yea, smokes taste sick but the buzz in INTENSE. i only have a puff off my pals smokes every cuple days but for the people who dont even get a buzz, thats sooo stupid to still smoke like they just need that nic fix, they dont get ANYTHING outta it. i can't understand how people smoke so much and keep doing it. sickens me:confused: . whyyyyy! lol
    but as soon as the buzz starts to weaken to where im not lovin it, ill stop takin the ocasional puff. never will i let myself become addicted tho haha thats just plain retarded. dam u smokers
  13. I don't smoke cigs, but I really like cigars and tobacco pipes. They just taste really good and are a great social thing if you're around people who don't/won't smoke weed.
  14. never smoked cigs.

    they never appealed to me.
  15. dont ever smoke tobb! it will kill you in the end. and even that it makes you feel like shit, lose energy, and kills ur lungs and throat! i am a tobb smoker, from my own life, dont smoke ciggs or anythign wit tobb in it!
  16. Um, I fucking love cigs.
    I guess im a smoker.
    But im a minority thats getting smaller everyday.
    Their bad fo' yo body!
  17. I'm a cigarette smoker... have been for 9 years.
  18. same here dude.
  19. Screw ciggs. Those are bad for you. I hate them they make me sick, and it kinda seems like wasting money you could spend on bud instead.

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