do you smoke at work?

Discussion in 'General' started by ghanjgirl, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. do you smoke at work?i don't,i know i would get caught if i did.i'm an obvious stoner.i smell weed and my eyes get red and i get cotton mouth. how about you?
  2. Yup, all day, any day, MY JOB ROCKS!! LOL :smoking:
  3. when i worked in a greenhouse i did because i was in and outside all day so the smell didn't matter, i got my eye drops, and my water bottle. I'm a obvious stonner too, thats because not to many other guys around here have long hair. I might be getting a baby sitting job soon where i just take care of two kids at night, i'll just put them to bed and smoke all night n watch tv.
  4. cowboysaxman whut kinda job you have??
  5. Yes I do............not blinded mind you ,but mellow.:)
  6. couldn't. have to talk to customers constantly, for 8 hours w/ a half hour break in between.
    too much responsibility, i'd probably go nuts :D
    wish i could but i can't!
  7. I work as a dispatcher/operator at a two person (me and owner) answering/dispatch service.Owner gets high, and we're at a secluded location, so It's cool to Blaze whenever!!
  8. do bears shit in the woods?
  9. the ones i've seen all go to the side of the road and use the honey bee
  10. ive smoked at work once, and i was the tightest shit ive ever done........i would reccomed doing it atleast once in your life:p
  11. Everyone at my work tokes. they go right outside the restaurant and do it. i can get a bowl at work anyday. i go to work sometimes high, but not often because i get really tired after while and sometimes i am incharge of large amounts of dollars, so I don't wanna mess up. Buy otherwise I'm down with smokin at work, as long as you handle yourself well.

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