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Do you smoke alone or with people

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blitzerdog, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. My bro is bitching at me about tokin alone. Just wondering if tokin alone is something other people do.
  2. All the time, man! I think it's great to be able to just smoke by yourself and spend time on you own but it's even greater to be able to share the joy that lady MJ brings to my life.
  3. I feel safer with my friends and it is more fun to be blazed with some buddies, but sometimes it is fun to get high alone and do some weird shit, when I do I usually listen to techno and watch my The Angry Beavers dvds.
  4. I like it. You can do whatever and your mind goes crazy thinking about stuff. Plus it really relaxes you. When I'm with people, I get really hyped up and things get crazy at times (so much at once gets overwhelming).

    Still, I prefer with people usually and by myself occasionally.
  5. 9/10 times I toke alone.

    Nothing is better than having a blunt all to yourself and thinking on all the daily trouble.

    But chillin with bros is great aswell
    We normally move around though.
  6. i've mostly toked with friends. but when too many people are around, it just drives me nuts and i dont really like it that much, and that can sometimes ruin my high.
    but if its a small group of chill people, it can be pretty fun.
    i think it's really enjoyable to toke alone sometimes though. just do what you want, listen to music, watch tv, eat shitloads of food in your house... lol it's fun :D
  7. both throughout the day
  8. I prefer to smoke with other people. I feel really lonely and sad if i smoke alone. I like noise and talking to people and just hangin' out doin' stupid shit with friends.

    Plus, with my friends, we share weed. Everyone just puts in a portion so we get more and lose less. It's like weed communism!

    .....Yeah. :cool:
  9. well they both have their good sides with ur friends u can have fun talk and joke around but when ur by urself u can chill listen to music be in ur own world
  10. I hardly ever smoke alone. I live at college, so me and my roomate are always toking up together, plus guys from the floor.
  11. Most of the time I smoke alone. I love smoking with the right people, but smoking alone is the best..
  12. Smoking alone is not like being drunk by yourself. You can do it in a group or by yourself to unwind. It's perfectly fine and just about essential to the whole smoking experience. I can honestly say that I love smoking by myself and smoking with others equally, it just depends on te situatiion and how I feel.
  13. About half and half. I always feel bad when I smoke alone though and try to find someone to hang out with, even if they're not high.
  14. I always start the day off smoking by myself then I accumulate people by night time and we smoke til we pass out. That is my daily routine haha and I only work 2-3 day per week so its way good :D
  15. Currently I don't have a piece to use on my own so I hardly ever get high alone. I can't stand to use homemade shit anymore, it's just not worth it. But like mentioned above, me and two of my friends all throw down whenever we smoke so it's all good.

    Although I do miss smoking and then just laying down and listening to an album, that is honestly one of my favourite things to do when high. Hmmm...need to save up for a piece, lol.

  16. Exacly the same,

    Smoke on your own if you just wanna chill and relax if you wanna laugh your ass
    off then find some people to smoke with
  17. i toke with friends. you get hilarious stories out of it 95% of the time, and I feel more comfortable when I'm not alone.
  18. i like to smoke with friends just for fun , like , u and all ur friends high saying shit its good fun

    but i also like to smoke alone just to relax , think ,do something etc

    both are good options :p
  19. I also like doing both. Smoking with people is more of an adventure and smoking alone is just so realaxing. I would say I prefer doing it alone,. And like somone else said its not like being drunk alone
  20. I love smoking with one or two of my good buddies but when it becomes a "social" thing I would prefer to smoke alone.

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