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do you smoke a bubbler like a pipe or a bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blazed+confused, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. im new to bubblers, and i was wondering if you smoke it like a dry pipe or like a bong, like do you milk it or not? sorry i really dont know my stuff but im pretty new to this
  2. You smoke it like a bowl man. Be careful when you hit it though, most bubblers rip and you don't even realize it. Just throw whatever cold liquid you got up in the bubbler and fill the bowl up and hit it.
  3. QFT, with emphasis on the be careful, volcanoing a spoon is bad enough, but volcanoing a bubbler is like a super-soaker that reeks of bud
  4. smoke it like a spoon... but lighter than a spoon... since bubblers rip harder.
  5. cool, thanks for the answers, so you basically take a lighter hit than you would with a spoon? also, where do you put the water in from, the bowl, mouthpiece, carb? im so lost

  6. the carb is where i put my water in, but it doesnt matter. Dont put it in through the bowl cause then the bowl is wet. and we dont want that
  7. I fill my girlfriend's bubbler through the bowl but I always wipe it dry with a paper towel. Any opening into the bubbler is fine for filling it.
  8. Nice thing about a bubbler is that it can be smoked out of with or without water in the chamber. I usually use mine without water, as it's less messy and less risk of getting nasty bubbler water on you (which I think is even worse than bongwater, as its less liquid and more concentrated!).

    But yea, like others have said, fill it with water through any opening, THEN pack the bud, so as not to risk any getting wet.
  9. I fill my bubbler through the mouth piece, dump out the carb.

    I hit my bubbler harder then I do my dry piece since my bub's nice and it cools the smoke to the point I can't really feel it.

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