Do You Seek The Reason For Living?

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  1. Anybody else feel like sometimes you are standing there and you look around at everything feeling dense and unusual like you shouldn't be here? Sometimes I feel like life for me is nothing but a sad, lonely dream. I ask myself, when will I wakeup? When will things get better for me? I'm only 18 and out of high school, but I feel like everyone around me is finding a place where they "belong". Sometimes I look at the usual American, who works a dead-end job, coming home only to relax from society's debt, and I'm thinking to myself, I don't want to live a life like that. I personally feel like there is something wrong with the world. I find no joy in living a normal, everyday life.

    I'm not the suicidal, I hate everyone, type of person. If anyone is thinking that haha, but thinking this has made by motivation hit a rock bottom, and the best word to sum it up, is lonely, i guess? Maybe I just haven't found my reason for living? Feel free to share your opinions!
  2. Scientifically speaking there really is no meaning to life, society creates a false view and hollow idiology to make you feel your place in the world is a position which benefits a select few. Go to school, find a job, reproduce and die. As lon as you pay your taxes and serve the machine they feel your life is complete. You need to see past the bullshit and find a lifestyle that will benefit your personality and characteristics which isnt to the detriment of others. Only then will the true meaning be revealed and satisfaction be felt.
    Or... Maybe my bowl was to big and this makes no fucking sence... Lol
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    There is no true meaning of life. It is whatever you make it. This is why people have faith,,,they want a point, it's cool if you believe it I guess.......I personally believe there is no point in life

    edit: the point of life(all life) is to reproduce and continue your species

  4. Pretty much sums it up, Personally i don't worry about why im here and i just try to enjoy my life and live it up & make the most of it while im here.

  5. Yeah thinking about it too much, starts to make me feel like some weird nutcase. haha

    I'm just trying to findout my reason. And i don't know, when I compare the way my family lives and wants me to live like vs. my friends lifestyle and what I think is fun to live by vs. what society thinks is acceptable, it just fucks with my judgement and leaves me in confusion.

    In the end, I'm just trying to find a balance.
  6. keep your head up.
    idk man, its hard but just keep on.

    work twords peace and stuff
  7. To give my life meaning.

    Not original, I know..
  8. I know the reason for living. The reason revolves around enjoying your life. That can mean so many different things.

    Be happy, work hard, prosper. Live and let live.
  9. No that would be a painful existence. I just live :smoking:
  10. I feel a lot like you... but honestly I think its cause I am in so much pain frequently. When I'm not hurting I look at everything around me and think 'ya, I think I can do this.' and everything seems in place and acceptable...

    but when I'm in pain I seriously am suicidal. I can't imagine living any sort of pain like that for the rest of my life. And likely it will get worse. Why force yourself to live when you physically hurt so bad? That's not a life. Its no life at all. Am I wrong?
  11. Said it better than I had planned.
  12. constantly worried, stressed, anxious that I am not living correctly, if you will.
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    I feel the same way, normality has always been boring and unattractive to me.
    not to sound egotistic or say people that dont feel the same are stupid, but I think if you reach a certain level of intelligence/understanding it can bring you down to this level, especially if you're personality is a certain way. Just thinking back to all the great minds throughout history that died alone or were considered the misunderstood, it kind of makes sense.
    although I am considered suicidal, or atleast used to. if someone put a gun in my hand theres like a 60% chance I'd shoot myself, but I dont have that luxury.

    as for a reason to live, you'll have to keep looking, I've more or less found it in my hope/dream but the chances of it being possible in even my lifetime is so slim I doubt I'll make it to 30.
  14. I tried. i didn't find anything of importance

    Live and let live shit :smoke:
  15. Respects man!

    I used to seek a reason for living when I was at your age. I've learned to just let everything go and let life "happen"

    Sometimes it sucks because you'll always have the thought in the back of your head but once you let go and live for the moment then everything will fall into place.

    Stay peaceful, ignorant, fun, stupid, funny and most of all FREE.

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    The pursuit of knowledge and happiness is good enough for me.

    Though the more I learn the more cynical I become, so rather than happiness I just look to be content. I would gratefully chose truth over happiness.
  17. As simple as this might sound man, get a dog. That's it. All of a sudden, ur taking care of something that's alive, that's faithful, that loves u, and if nothing else, u'll have it to come home to and ask it the reason for living :p

  18. Everyone has their own truth. My truth is that happiness is a deceptive ideal. There is only ephemeral contentment. So life is like a longass set of skipping stones from one short phase of contentment to the next..and then u die. Thus, life is the maximization of contentment, first solely for urself, then for ur family and those u are responsible for
  19. Reminds me of this scene:

    [ame=]Matrix - The pill - YouTube[/ame]
  20. What happens to a man who just lives, regardless of the reasons for living?

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