Do you roll fat or skinny joints/blunts?

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  1. I usually roll skinny and sometimes medium sized joints.

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    I roll them fat i would guess, relative to others, just because for me it is easier to roll up a shorter joint than a longer one which is skinnier.
    Hmm never really thought about it though. 
    Also I guess I would smoke less paper this way too
    Edit - I bet skinny ones burn better though.. more evenly
  3. Yea, I get what you are saying.
  4. I roll my king size elements about a gram worth at least if my girls smoking.
    if not I roll 1 1/4 elements with about .7.
    My rolling style I tend to roll short fat joints not like nubs but generally maybe alil fat proportional to the length.
  5. if im smoking to the face then its usually a small-medium size joint because it gets me high as fuck.
    with others im gonna roll a fatty.
    blunts are always fat, alone or with others.
  6. It really depends on the weed for me, if it basically powders when ground,even by hand, then I have to use more and therefore roll fatter. But if it's that perfect bud that just breaks down so beautifully and whatnot I tend to roll them as skinny and tight as possible. And if it's something in between well you get the point, what I'm trying to say is it just depends on the sitch-e-ation

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  7. Either, or both, depends on the situation, but usually in between.
  8. always the fatter the better, need to have the perfect weed:paper ratio
  9. You know it ;)
    Usually i roll shorter joints, but they tend to be fatter. I guess my fingers just roll that way. Longer, skinny joints are tricky for me to roll but I've conquered a few :)
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    ^ I can tell you have big boobs by just your face.. is that weird?
    Sht the arrow was for two posts above Arobyn
  11. i roll average sized joints. i can roll pretty well but i can't roll very big ones. i usually just let my man roll it, hes better at it anyway.

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    Yea you!
    It wasn't supposed to be a compliment or a diss or anything at all, but now that you mention it I can see how it may be taken different ways.
    I would take it as a compliment if anything.. big features in general (sexy eyes) is a big plus! 
  13. Depends if Im smoking alone before bed I will roll a skinny J. If girl is over I guess a reg size lol and if smoking with more than one person usually smoke fatty blunts
  14. Kingsize with maybe 5mm poked down and folded to make a little golf club

    Skinny ish roach, nice and tight

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  15. None :mellow: my bf rolls beautifully and makes it look so easy! But when I try I just can't grasp it. I am learning though, cuz it's a necessary skill lol
  16. I'll roll one in any size, but they always come out the same shape.

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