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do you roll blunts?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mattxVH, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. #1 mattxVH, Jun 6, 2009
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    of course you do, so do you de-leaf tha dutch, keep it on, do you even use dutch masters, wats up?

    personally i dont de-leaf em, but i take off tha glue strip and a lot of paper so it comes out fat and tight

    phillies r tha shit too.
  2. lmao you confused me :(

    yes i do :p
  3. vanilla game.

    /thread :p
  4. not gunna lie and i hate sounding cocky...but i roll one of the best dutches.
  5. who serisouly doesnt take the leaf off then put it back makes the blunt way better too
  6. lol my bestfriend tried to wrap with a game once, tha leaf crumbled off when he took it out of tha wrapper lmao. no more game dutches round here.

  7. yup burns slower and u can control how much leaf u want and u can take the cancer paper off all works better i think
  8. i think he means if you take the leaf off then roll it later or just split the whole thing down the middle leaf and all. I do the former.

    Also, i prefer the honey/strawberry dutches but i've never had any real problems with green games.
  9. depends on the blunt

    vega's, dutches, games you need to roll with the leaf seperate

    but swishers, white owls, and philly's I roll with the leaf attached to the wrap

    ill roll anything
  10. i think de-leafs is good IF you can do it right, my homegirl thinks shes tha best at it, and she always insists on doin it then she does and we end up with a "frankenblunt"

    i twist em better with the leaf still on, it just comes out really tight and clean cuz i tear off a lotta paper
  11. i use either game blunts or blunt wraps
  12. juicy and royal blunt wraps. alllll day
  13. depends how ripped i am
  14. i honestly only smoke dutch master palmas...they are my personal favorite and seem to be in my town

    deleaf is the way to go with a palma

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    I challenge you to a duel!! 5 shot picture compilation of Blunt rolling process of-course including the final product, using a Dutch Master.
  16. since we are posting pics... :smoking:
    i usually roll swishers but since the tobacco tax hike i've been buying boxes of royal blunts (25 wraps for $12.99, 1 wrap usually makes 2 blunts.) ftw.
    here's an ounce of my usual mids rolled into 19 blunts shaped like a lincoln log house. enjoy.

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  17. Green games all day and i only de-leaf the part with the cancer piece then stick it back on
  18. that is awesome!
  19. i think the store 1 min away from my house is a sign frmm God. all they haves phillies and wraps:hello:. dutches sukkk


    im high
  20. If you're not deleafing a Vanilla Game then I don't know what you're doing with your life.

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