Do you remember you're dreams when you smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by 69Muscle, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. I swear everytime I take a break for a few days I have the best dreams and I can rememeber them the next day. When I smoke at night I don't know if I dream and I certantly can't remember them the next day. I asked my roommates and they go though the same thing.

    What about you'z guys?

  2. Yeah at least you can remember bits and pieces though... Strange isn't it? However when I smoke I don't feel I get any less sleep. I wake up rested and relaxed... However I know REM sleep is vital to good sleep (deep sleep)... I wonder if you dream but just can't remember them.
  3. Actually, this happens with most people. Its a fact that smoking weed suppresses thinking and dreams. For instance, if you smoke daily, you may not have very memorable dreams...If you smoke daily and then quit all of a sudden, your dreams will intensify greatly. I always have really deep sad or scary dreams after I quit smoking all of a sudden.So yeah, your not alone on that one. My doctor explained to me that it does suppress your dreams, which is not a bad thing for all people its just that the dreams do intensify and become more memorable after stopping.
  4. The only time I had dreams I could remember while tokin is when I was, had some trippy ass dreams then!

    (had to smoke to gain weight, doc's orders)
  5. fo r me..I dream allllllll the time. its crazy. My dreams are so much more vivid, though, and I remember more when I dont drink/smoke for a day or so...I have crazy dreams when I smoke, but can never remember them. I just remember having them, and them being weird and vivid. btw. muscle, nice vap. review. i dont think i said anthing...nice though. thnx!
  6. i'll smoke abowl right before going ot bed, and that shit will knock me out. il'l have some pretty wierd dreams, but nothing much to remember the next morning.
  7. i dig dreams

    they are like a whole
    other life

    sometimes when i have nothing to do i will drift in and out of dream time all day long

    yes i remember them

    offten they continue

    if i wake and go back to sleep i can pick up right where i left off...

    visualization is the key

  8. Come to think of it the dreams are very vivid right after I smoke then they do tend to die down..Hmmmmmm Strange.... But at least everyone goes though the same thing. Very cool.

    Thanks for the compliment..... As soon as my bud dries out I'm gonna hit that vaporizer hardcore ;)
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