Do You Remember When.. (Good 'Ol Days)

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  1. When you use to run through the sprinkler or put it under your tampoline and just have fun.

  2. Nah I'm from Oregon,
    But that's crazy how kids already know what to do with a dick.
  3. Dude it really isn't what the fuck it use to be. Kids have smart phones now.. someone says wanna try this drug? "Hold on let me google it"

    Seriously.. our own advances in technology are the same ones that are hurting our future. Thats how I feel.

    What could a parent POSSIBLY tell a kid when the kid can just google it or look it up on his phone. Shit I didnt have a phone till I was like 18.

    Not to mention some parents have to work several jobs to support their family & hardly spend time w/ their kids.

    Internet and technology is raising our kids now-a-days.. & do you see these damn kids shows. I saw one where a girl said "When did you know you liked Jeff?" She said after I had sex with him, so the friend goes "Well then have sex with Jack & you'll know if you like him or not."

    This is NOT the message I want my kids to see. I honestly wish I could hit the lottery buy a bunch of land, build my own house in the middle of no where, hunt and fish for my food & have solar panels so the whole house pays for itself. Teach my kids they gotta be go getters and get what they want.. not expect it handed to em.
  4. I really wish I could rep you right about now.
    A like will have to suffice for now :eek:
  5. In all honesty, I am scared to raise a kid in todays world. Not because I feel like I will be a bad parent.. just because when I think about having a kid I think of todays world in 20 years.

    Everyone talks about the economy.. well if it sucks now think of 20 years from now. When my kid learns to drive how much will gas be. It's already $4 for a gallon of regular. In 20 years what will the jobs be like, in 20 years.. what will everything be like.

    I fear bringing a kid into this world then him living in a shitty environment after I pass away, if that makes sense.

    Likes are cool, rep is better but I'm not picky man. You repped me up recently anyway!

    Much love brother, I would love to have you in my stash thread Leroooyyyy!!! Swing by sometime!
  6. I'll drop by sometime ;)
  7. No doubt man!

    What about the days where you could lose a job & get one the same day lol
  8. I remember FAT $10 ounces! And I bought more than one $65 kilo back in the day!

    Become an activist and let's get these kind of prices back with legalization (prices will be adjusted for inflation, of course)!

  9. [quote name='"Storm Crow"']I remember FAT $10 ounces! And I bought more than one $65 kilo back in the day!


    Was it dank?
  10. Hahaha TRUE TRUE TRUE
  11. The weed we had 30 plus years ago was decent It wasnot one hitter but 2 or 3 people could get pretty high with one Joint and not a fatty either.
    I somked when I was in my late teens then quit becaus ofjob and tried it again 30 yrs later so im a bad judge of weed I guess.
    But I never had a weed knock me on my ass any differently than it did way back than as opposed to today.
  12. ..when there were payphones

    yall remember when newports was like $4....:smoke: im only 22 lol. a dude at work remembers when ciggs were like a dollar!!

  13. Hate to say I remember when gas and cigarettes were fifty cents a gallon or a pack...
  14. The floor was lava
  15. When weed was dangerous
  16. I wish I knew everything now about weed than I did back when DARE came to my school. My kid will be educated & will shit on the DARE Officer with facts.. look out for me in the news a few years from now getting my kids taken away from me cause I taught them the truth =P

    I wish I could go back into the 90s but the age I am now. I feel like chicks were more real.
  17. me and my friends used to play a slightly different version of ding dong ditch...

    instead of ringing the pussy as doorbell

    we would litterally bang on the door very very hard and then run lol (much like an intruder or something)
  18. Back when all cars had hubcaps a couple of kids would hide and when several cars came by at one time they would throw a hubcap on the road and laugh like hell when everybody pulled over to check their hubcaps....I can't believe I remember this
  19. When parents were allowed to lay hands on their kids without unfit parenting being talked about.
  20. "Spare the rod, Spoil the child"

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