Do you regret a tattoo?

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  1. Show me the stupid ugly tattoos that you regret with every inch of your being. I have a huge tiki mask on my forearm that just looks like a giant blotch of colours. Then there was the time my best friend stick and poked my ass. [​IMG]
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  2. i don't regret so there is nothing to show
  3. i started my sleeve half way but no regrets
  4. I have got two tattoos on my arms and I love them. Actually it is quite nice when you can cover them with clothes for some time like in winter and have them visible in summer. I think it is smart to have tattoos that you can hide anytime.
  5. I started with a back piece. I'm about 15 hours over 9 months or so and half way done. I started with a design in mind and went with it. Waited 3 months and when I was finally happy with the end results I told him to start.

    It's a full ocean scene, octopi, cuddle fish, sea turtle, sea horses, and a huge coral piece. Plus some odds and ends like plants and seaweed. There's going to be a little stoner crab or snail bonging out in a hidden spot when I am finally done.

    I thing regrettable tats are those that happen when one is fucked up or in a compromised frame of mind. Like the one Steve-o got when he was fucking hammered with Kat vonD. It was a man fucking a baby. Complete with tears and everything. Now THATS a regrettable tattoo!
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    No, it was considered decision and choice. It's a part of me, and it denotes part of my development as a person. But I saw so fake tattoo:mellow: Me interesting are they regret?
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  7. Where pic?:huh:

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