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  1. I don't , I'm starting to feel kind of bad about it.

    Sure, I bag my collective load, and off to the dumpster it goes. And never a second though goes into it.

    I'm really starting to think how much I'm shitting on the planet. I take 1+ bags of trash out everyday for a family of three.
    Like 400 bags a year for one small family :eek:

    I was just wondering if my fellow blades were conservationist, what persuaded you?

    I'm thinking of jumping on the bandwagon :)
  2. no, but i should (hm, that was embarrassing)....then again, there are so MANY things that one should do its unreal...
  3. I ALWAYS recycled, even when I was a little kid. I recently moved to TN though and they dont do it in my neighborhood:(. I would take my recycling somewhere but Im to lazy to do that haha. I think 10 solid years of recycling is good enough for the time being haha :cool:
  4. i always wonder how much a persons trash is worth in the free as in scrap, etc....
  5. To a degree.

    I always take back empty bottles. Whether its glass, Plastic, Or aluminum. We got a 10 cent refund on carboniated beverages so i take those back for the money. But i also work at a store that recycles so i dont care if its water bottles or anything thats not worth the ten cents, I throw them in the bins that are recycable. I dont care if im off clock i go in the back and do that.

    Grocery bags, Like the ones you put your grocerys in the plastic ones. Many people throw them out after they get the grocerys to they home. I save em and reuse em. Ill use em and fill em up a second time with garbage before throwing them out.

    Cardboard, I recycle it again if im going to my place of work, We got a baler where we already recycle cardboard so ill bring it to my work off the clock if i have to just to reccycle it.

    Magainzes/Papers ect i try my best to bring it to this dumpster i know of thats for paper used for recycling.

    I use like bags from say 24 count of toiler paper, The plastic wrap, Ill use that as a garbage bag then throw it away.

    I try.
  6. Yeah, I'm from Madison and they are very proactive about it there. You get weird looks if you don't
  7. Yeah.. but only certain things...

    When I cut the overgrown branches off the trees and shrubs in my garden, I throw them away at the empty field in front of my house. Then the dead leaves and branches soon gets recycled by nature and the grass and plants on the field get the benefits...
  8. a comparatively rural existence ggrass?
  9. I do now because living on campus makes it easier.

    Back home we had a trash compactor for cardboard and paper and we bagged plastic and aluminum separate. It wasn't as easy as it is here though.
  10. hell yeah

    beer doesn't pay for itself
  11. Very rural.

  12. pretty heartland....where are you?
  13. Rural Thailand.

    I go to the city once a month.

    But normally I'm at the kind of place you see in the picture.

    A bit more modern than what you see in the picture coz I live in the residential area. But the cows and the farms are only 5 minutes away.

  14. Damn. Not trying to be nosy but... howd you end up in Thailand? Thats pretty cool haha. :D
  15. that IS pretty cool....especially if you like nature....
  16. We don't really recycle here in Thailand.

    But what happens is 'natural recycling' of things.

    Like the overgrown branches and leaves. But that the real nature doing the work.

    Human nature does the recycling too.


    Need for money makes people recycle things.

    People go around picking up bottles and papers from the garbage cans coz they can sell it for money.

    And at the landfill, where they dump the garbage collected from everywhere, there are lots of people picking out anything with metal and stuff... cleaning out the dump.
  17. I love nature. I thank the good lord everyday I'm living in such natural place.

    I've been here since I was little. Came with my parents, and they never left, and I got stuck here.

    I love the fact that I'm surrounded by green nature. I hate going in the city coz of all that concrete.
  18. heard that...nature does rule massively :) rural thai people burn refuse organic matter like branches, fields, leaves, etc. like rural turks?
  19. They burn the whole field, full of dried plants to clear the land. Sometimes they over do it and cause a bit of inferno.

  20. yeah, that is known to happen...even IF they try to pick calm weather to predicting the weather, thats for sure....

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