do you realy?

Discussion in 'General' started by HempSkin, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. I want to know if the americans realy want their weed leigal?

    wow this is number 69. I wish it would have been diffrent but I must know.
  2. This one sure as hell does,,It is wrong for anyone to tell anyone what to put into their body.
    Especially when it is only because they said so....this country was not based on thr tyranny of kings......yet
  3. I definitely do!
    We have Proposition 215 here in California, where it is "legal" for medical purposes. I have several friends whose lives have benefited because of this proposition, including my fiance.

    Proposition 215 has eased the worries of many medical patients who are worried about getting busted releiving their pains or illnesses. Because of Prop 215 they can go to a legal club, where the security is slightly high (because of the feds) right now - but the employees are all patients themselves, and very friendly. They can choose the grade of marijuana based on price or quality, and walk out of there with little/no fear of getting busted. No longer do they turn to street dealers who skimp on bags and overcharge, and are oftentimes hard to get ahold of... And essentially, some of them can be sketchy no matter HOW friendly on the outside.
    I strongly advocate the legalization of marijuana.

    I could go on forever, but arguing FOR marijuana's legalization on a forum of marijuana enthusiasts I feel is in a way, arguing with the people who agree with my position (basically waste of time).

    But in short, why have more damaging substances like alcohol and tobacco readily available (which prove no medical benefits, and cause millions more deaths than marijuana), yet keep an on-going harsh war on marijuana users/etc.

    I wrote a long thing about the raid on the LA medical club, and that pretty much sums up how I feel - busting medical patients (and those who provide for them) for finding more healthy and helpful drugs other than MORPHINE and other stronger, body-harming, addicting painkillers to help their pain is fucking ridiculous.
  4. Naaaaaaw just make it so that the law can't put us in jail for it. You know what i mean. If you get caught, the law can't do anything about it!!!!
  5. this scares me. Has anyone noticed the lack of postings on this. WHY? are there few of us that want to rock the boat, or is everybody happy with the way it is now?
    I for one am not.
  6. I do rock the boat,,,on a daily basis...wrong is wrong and this law is wrong...

    We all MUST not hide our views,silence IS acceptance,,in this Control Game....write officials local government on up...Vote Libertarian.,.and help stop the great Republican/Democrat battle over the Freedom of human life.
  7. Hi guys, I totally agree! why should alcohol and cigarettes be legal and grass not? I am in the UK and we have just had the law slackened off a bit by making pot a class C drug and it legal for medical use! Just think of the TAX paid on cigarettes and how much extra revenue the government would get from taxing pot!
  8. There are sites like No jail for pot that should be flooded with signatures but isn't. I dont understand it. I personally dont know how to go about changing prohibition of MJ but if I was shown a way I would be all over it.

    Beer which causes MANY deaths each year is legal yet MJ isn't? Why is this not obvious to our law makers?

  9. marijuana must be legalized. even if it is just for medical reasons ide be happy and i dont need it for medical reasons. hemp needs to be legal too. you cant even get high off it. there is no logical reason why hemp/marijuana is illegal in this day in age.

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