do you really need to flower a weed plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by huntr, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. well,what does flowering really do? does it speed up the weed plant grow faster?

    what if i dont flower? will it grow slow?
  2. You are smoking a flower.
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    Unless you have an auto-flowering plant, you will need to 'manually' switch your lady to a bloom cycle, if you eventually want to smoke any of her flowers. :)

    If you're worried about difficulty, it is not any more challenging than vegging a plant, it only involves a reduction in your light schedule (to 12/12, on/off), and a slightly different balance of nutrients.

    Some plants, out of stress due to a lack of space (either above, or below the soil/roots), can begin flowering in spite of an extended light cycle, in a last-ditch attempt to complete a life-cycle before their enclosed space kills them.. this is not ideal, speed or yield-wise.
  4. hmmm interesting! smoking a flower? do you mean,no thc on the bud,just..smoking green?

  5. The buds are the flowers, and as long as they mature long enough, you will get high from it. Picking it too early can cost you some THC I think, but it might be hard to produce weed that wouldn't get you kinda high.

  6. its true about picking the plant to early,i have done that to mine,it was alright!

    well thnks!
  7. ...when you flower or bloom a cannabis plant, your actually trying to mimic mother nature by shorting the day...just as the fall/autumn days will be shorter than the long days of summer. (exclude autoflowering strains/ruderalis)
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    You smoke the flowers or buds. That's what gets you high.
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  13. Personally I never flower my plants unless I want my bud to have a floral taste to it. J/K

    You can't NOT flower when growing outdoors. It happens naturally as the days get shorter at the end of summer.
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