Do you really love Mary Jane?

Discussion in 'General' started by Yung Bizzy, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Would you guys still smoke if possession of marijuana was a felony and 2nd possession would be put to death, also Law enforcement started cracking down hardcore on potheads. Just curious to see how many people would still smoke?
  2. Fuck no. I love weed but I love life more, you know? I would never jeopardize my life for any substance.
  3. Yes, I do what I believe is right.

    Somebody famous once scribbled down a better version of this quote.. I just don't know who,, If you know a law is unjust, and you follow it anyway, you yourself are committing tyranny. :smoking:

    I think if weed was that bad of a thing.. That the punishment for smoking the sweet glorious mary jane is execution?! Then I think smoking would be the least of our worries...
  4. Death? Fuck no! My values aren't that strong.
  5. With how easily I can smoke without being caught now,,,,yes. I would be more cautious about my means of buying though, and I would definatly never sale it
  6. nothing else makes me crazy like this. I love it
  7. Yeah I would just be really fucking careful about it.
  8. Careful about how i obtain it (grow/buy) and when and where i smoke it. I thought that would be obvious..?
  9. yea it is obvious. hahaha im trippin:smoking:
  10. Honestly..........

    ..I LOVE...


  11. dude... death.... maryjane.... man buzzzkilllll.....
    i would still smoke her
    shes my special sexy lady
    and id do anything for another taste
  12. it would feel like murder every time i takea puff. the serial killers be saying its a RUSSSSSSSSSSSH:smoking:death for weed. pass the blunt. just no more bob marley shirts and shit lol
  13. man I love this thread, I hope it gets tons of replies!

    the only way to get illegal suppliers out of society is to eliminate demand. And there're two options to do that:

    the first is like 420Shane suggested, execute everyone caught with even the smallest amount of marijuana, and of course use our extensive police and military forces to conduct house-to-house searches to make sure every user is caught. It'd result in about 30 million deaths, plus quite a few "innocents" as well, and it would not be successful at eliminating demand.

    the second is to legalize production and supply by certified businesses. Legal weed can be produced cheaper than illegal weed so legal suppliers would undercut the illegal dealers' prices. Consumers would of course buy the cheapest product available, especially when it's being legally and safely sold in attractive establishments ("coffeeshops"), so the result would be no more illegal weed in the market. The result is minors would have no where to buy marijuana (apart from older friends), and the prohibitions' glorification of marijuana would end thus reducing the rate of marijuana use in society.

    Whatever actual health risks there are from using marijuana will not change regardless of which option is chosen. Seems pretty freakin' obvious to me which option is best!
  14. in kuwait the penalty for selling weed/hash is death

    and if the law suddenly changed i might still smoke on occasion (i rarely smoke anymore)

    but if the law had always been a felony/death, i doubt any of you would have ever started smoking in the first place
  15. How dare you question our love! It is as pure as the morning snow and as deep as the ocean!
  16. live free or die. .

    afterall. .

    your not really living the other way right?
  17. def smokin the ganj till my casket drop
  18. Yeah, probably. Civil disobedience is a hobby of mine.
  19. Yeh.. but i would start being a lot more cautious, and start eating weed more often.

    Theres no fucking way i would get caught though.
  20. I was going to describe what I would do if this was a reality, but I don't want homeland security knocking on my door because of a hypothetical on a stoner forum.

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