Do you rap and smoke

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  1. I've been rapping for about 3 years
    Recently my latest influences have been weed and my past
    I wanna know if there's other rappers out there hustling like me and trying to make something out of this
    My website where all my songs are is
    Subscribe and thumbs up
    This is really the only way I can get noticed
    Please help fellow stoners!!!
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    I've enjoyed rap since I was a child, and then I just began to hate it because of the school I was in around the age of 12. A few years ago (I'm 22 now), I started rapping, doing my own thing. 99% of the time it was when I was high and confident enough to do it around others. I always wrote aside from that, poetry, short stories, but I feel like rhyming is the most fun and most creative of all of them in ways. I want to record a lot, but I can't handle the low quality mic that I have currently.

    I'm more about spitting quick lately, sort of like Tech N9ne and Bone Thugs, real technical verses. But I know that there's a million others like me as of lately. I could probably get somewhere with it, but I'm not at the point in life where I can pursue it. It is in my mind, the most fun and accomplished thing that I could actually do, since my mind has been a dictionary since the fifth grade. Also, I find that a nice stogged bowl before I go at it really does help my flow and allows me to do so much more than if I was sober. It's like the words all go into a memory bank and I'm able to execute them at call without even thinking of them, the pattern or how they'll come out.
  3. i smoke and rap
  4. I smoke and rap
  5. I smoke and sing and play guitar. How do you guys feel that I one-upped you?
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    What kind of rap/artist is your favorite
  7. Yeah I like real technical rap
    Immortal technique is the shit!!!
    And yeah its hard making a name for ourselves these days it sucks

  8. pfffff

    different things my friend. saying that i would love to be able to play guitar...i choose to invest my time in making beats instead though.

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