Do you put water in your gas mask bong?

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    So i know nothing about gas mask bongs. What are the mechanics? Is it all merely preference? My sister has one and she told me she doesnt put water in it. But if you're not supposed to why do they have downstems?

  2. I think that the bong is detachable. You can use it with the grass mask and without the grass mask. It's two, two, two pieces in one !!
    :eek:  How does she not puke from each hit? The only difference to a normal bong is that you can't "back away" from the mouthpiece and your eyes can get really red.
  4. The idea of gas mask bongs really doesn't appeal to me at all. Smoke in the eyes, can't come up for air, just seems uncomfortable.
  5. Idk man. She's been smoking heavily since she was like 14 and she 24 now. I've seen her do crazy shit that didnt even phase her. :confused_2:
    thats the opinion im getting from a lot of people. I find rare posts where people love them. But im finding alot of people that think they're inconvenient. I was thinking of buying one, but idk they're pretty cheap so why not?
  6. Personally, I'd choose something else. Gas mask bong might be impressive at a party or something. If you want it, go for it!
  7. depending on your budget, there are options for glass under 50$ plus shipping, maybe even better considering black friday is coming up and deals are aplenty...wait a while and save i would say, you may regret it down the line.
  8. i didn't even think about black friday tbh, thanks for telling me that. I do love glass, and i have some glass pieces but i thought i might try out acrylic for once. and i don't ever come across a lot of flashy acrylic bongs, so i thought why not get a gas mask? But after seeing reviews and such you either love it or you don't, so i might just get one with an ice twist or a plain one.
    Also these "options", can they be found on grasscity alone?
  9. They're a novelty sure, but having to strap one to your face every time you wanna smoke gets old fast.
    (And yes GC sells some decent quality glass though the shipping times are often just plain sad)

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