do you put tobacco in your grinder?

Discussion in 'General' started by lexus727, May 11, 2010.

  1. Simple question, do you put tobacco in your grinder?

    I do, but only with rolling tobacco..
  2. No. But I don't mix herb and tobacco though.

    That's like mixing Grey Goose with some Smirnoff. No thanks.
  3. You can do, my friends always mix weed with baccy if we're smokin a joint since that's like tradition in europe, but usually I prefer to use my weed by itself in a bong.

    Putting the baccy in the grinder with the weed mixes it up a bit better than just if you throw it in the paper before.
  4. Weed in the grinder. Mix in the tobacco after grinding.
  5. why would u grind rolling tobacco, its like pre shredded, if it was any finer it would all get in your mouth while smoking and be harder to roll.
  6. weed through grinder or muzzer, which ever you use, then chop tobacco
    my prefered method so i dont get messed gold dust
  7. No.

    I have separate pieces.. some are for tobacco and some are for bud. I never mix the two.
  8. fuck tobacco. why would i ever smoke that shit?
  9. i dont smoke tobacco
  10. always mix a little tobacco with my weed usually 20% tobacco to 80% weed, gives a better buzz and and more material to smoke! Win win
  11. do you guys call your joints "spliffs" when you put tobacco in them?
  12. tobacco in your kief :eek:
  13. thats what i was thinkin... eeew
  14. I would never do that. My grinders had to much weed go in an out if it , putting tabacco go in it would make it just smell bad
  15. Dude that's a horrible idea lol, you will contaminate your precious kief and smell up your grinder. I say this as a cigarette smoker.
  16. took the words right out of my mouth

    i though tabackey was pretty much ready to already roll,i never knew you had to grind it up:eek:

  17. true that.. I smoke cigs regularly, and i learned the hard way on how bad shorted squares smell, one time i shorted one cuz it started raining and i came back inside, and i left it in my pack, and it was just so bad, i threw out my whole pack every cig smelled like that.

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