Do you pull through

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  1. Ok, I have always wondered how many people pull their bowl through in the bong or just cache the bowl.
  2. as long as its a wet piece yes.
  3. I try to never pull through. When people pull through with any of my peices , i get mad because It dirtys the shit out of whatever ur using. it is certainly bad bong etiquette to pull through, if its not yours. of course. IF its ur peice, pull through all u want, but when ur using someone elses peice its polite to attempt and not pull thru.
  4. yeah man all the time. Only way to do it on a bong.
  5. Quoted for truth.
  6. I try not to pull through for the most part, sometimes greens get pulled in too. Use a screen or just use my ice pinch slide :D
  7. get a screen, no pull thru:)
  8. wait what is pull thru
    culd som1 explain
  9. ^^When the bowls beat and you attempt to hit it it can get sucked through the hole in your pipe/bong/bubbler

    Also known as "sucking through"
  10. ^^^Beat me to it^^^

    I personally pull through all the time with my bong, but never when I am at a friends house.
  11. so its when all the green is spent and you still hit it?

  12. ..First time I ever realised there was a bong etiquette..?:eek:

  13. "Pulling through" :v: continuing to pull (using a water pipe) on a lit, nearly kicked bowl with no screen. When the bowl kicks, the ash is sucked down into the water and the bowl is ready to repack.

    I don't for the same reason mentioned above (I would often notice green in the ashcatcher. I can't imagine anyone pulling through on a dry pipe, thats ash in your mouth.

    Get some glass screens, and take the time to clean out the bowl after cashing it. It is a little more work while you are smoking but you will have to clean your glass far less frequently (and you won't waste any green).
  14. i try not to....sometimes i just dont give a fuck and pull through...or sometimes i'm just too high and do it bigge though
  15. Yes, then again that might be the reason my bong needs to be cleaned everyday. :D
  16. It depends. Metal screen for some bowls = no pull through. No metal screen = pull through. That's the way it is for me anyway, just depends on the screen.
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    If you suck really hard on your bong the ash tends to get pulled thru. Usually this means that the user is sucking too hard, and scorching the weed.

    Just because the smoke is cooled by water doesn't mean that you should ignore the cardinal rule of smoking weed: BURN AT THE PROPER TEMPERATURE!!

    If you can carb your bong (by pulling the downstem a little) you can increase the relative pressure in the bong and reduce the amount of oxygen that goes thru the bowl. This lowers the burning rate and temperature of the weed in your bowl. The bowl lasts longer, should burn better, and when you're done you can cash the bowl in your ashtray or whatever.

    Lesson over.
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    I only pull through when I'm too fucked up to do it the proper way. I really don't understand why people wanna make their bongs dirtier by pulling through it's not that hard... Anyways it isn't really a problem for me because I try to clean my bong at least after 2 long sessions. It's really the right way to go! :smoking: Also, if you don't wanna use a gross metal screen and don't have the money to waste on a glass screen, just try using a pebble just bigger than the hole of your bowl. It works, I swear! serentity, tranquility, peace = STP
  19. I usually pull through for mids and schwag, but for dank I put a small nug at the bottom to use as a screen so it doesn't pull through. I like to preserve my dank. =D
  20. i hate any wasted green especially how the prices are runnin on the buds now. some people actually know how to pull through but pretty much any1 that i've smoked with around here sucks and just pulls all their green through haha so i sit there and laugh in the back haha :laughing:. i use screens myself and just cherry it up and let it burn :bongin:

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