Do you prefer smoking alone or with others?

Discussion in 'General' started by 1oserboi, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Personally I prefer smoking alone cause I can choose whatever music I want and just chill, some people just give off bad energy sometimes and when I'm high I pick it up really well and it fucks up my entire high.

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  2. Alone/with my gf. But if it's with the right people it's not bad

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  3. I smoke with my squad we all have same tastes and interests.

    Never had bettrr smokes

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  4. One man, partly cos I enjoy it more and got sick of always smoking everyone up but nobody smoking me up. I only smoke with the closest homies
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    Every time I smoke it is mainly with my husband or my brother lol sometimes my 2 besties as well so I like to smoke with others. Only if we are really close tho.
  6. I agree dude, alone smoker here too! You get to do 100% what you want! I don't smoke with others often.
  7. Everything is better shared
  8. Idk weed makes me more observant of people unless I really trust them my high just becomes uncomfortable. I prefer smoking alone for sure plus I can smoke in my underwear alone ;)
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  9. With my dog... (as company only of course she's still a pup...)

    Grow journal
  10. Always alone with my dog in my backyard in my underwear lol
    Smoking with people makes my anxiety worse idk why

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  11. I get overwhelmed and often annoyed when there are a lot of stupid people around. I prefer small groups of people I know well who are willing to discuss with me and not interrupt.

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  12. alone, my own music, my own space.
  13. I've found in my experience that toking has allowed me to meet all kinds of interesting and weird people, most of which I now call friend. I'm a very particular person though so, sometimes even something as simple as what it is can have an impact on who I feel like toking with.
    I love all my friends, but some smoke better than others.
  14. alone.

    there's only 3-4 people i smoke with but more often than not i smoke by myself.
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  15. Dude I'd rather smoke alone!!!! It's a lot more chill and you can just do your own thing, ya know?

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  16. Depends who I'm smoking with 90% of the time I smoke by myself but if I'm round a friends house I usually offer to smoke them up.
  17. This isn't really somethimg i give a lot of thought to honestly. All depends. I mean its not a huge deal to me one way or another but im only going to pack a bowl or 2.
  18. With other people but if I'm in a mood or feeling down I rather get high by myself.
  19. It's fun to smoke with friends when we're all available at the same time, but that's pretty rare these days with our schedule's. I usually smoke alone, and I like it. I just put on some music and chill, or watch netflix or whatever. When I smoke alone I usually just chill at the house. But when I smoke with friends we go do shit or travel which is fun too

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