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Do you prefer group seshes or solos?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NYM, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Hello GC,

    Kinda curious here, do you guys prefer to toke up by yourself or with a group of buds?

    I personally have never smoked alone, I don't know why but I really want to try it.

    From my experiences I can't really see anyone saying they prefer solo seshes I love having my friends around, it just serves for a better experience. Good friends of course, not shitty friends that wont drop 5's or don't pass. :D
  2. group seshs' fosho.
    smoking alone is kinda depressing...
    but good for like meditating and chillin' i guess...
  3. I like solo seshes better. Thats just me though.

  4. Word man, I really love good weed and good friends, I'm never really happier.
  5. Definitely with friends, but having more than 4 people takes the piss a bit cause there is less to go around, and then some people take liberties.

    2 of my 4 only started blazing this week and they're already the best people to get high with.
  6. I enjoy group seshes, but i tend to smoke solo. When i'm high a like to play an instrument and a group just breaks my concentration when i'm trying to play.
  7. Solos, so I can smoke all the bud I want, and do whatever I want.

    But that's also mostly because I love toking at midnight when I'm the only one up, and can do whatever.
  8. You've never smoked solo? Damn dude, hit that ganja!

  9. I've just never thought of it man, haha.

    Like what would I do? Whenever I'm with friends we do goofy shit like eat a lot of food or play hide and go seek. :smoke:
  10. Solo. I love smoking some dank and thinking about the world. When I smoke with friends they always want to do stuff and go places. Not my cup of tea.
  11. Smoking Alone seems a little depressing.
  12. Idk man it depends mostly with friends just cause of the sweet ass adventures we have, solo is fun to just sit watch tv and listen to music.
  13. solo. usually i toke up at nighttime, and i enjoy thinking about everything in the world, and allow my mind to explore.

    also im not really a people person ..
  14. I think most people can agree they lik both. Both have there advantages

    solo: control how much u blaze, anytime almost anyplace, all your bud don't have to share except also you don't get to share the cost, and it can be just as fun cos you can try everyday things high instead of chilling

    Group: not as expensive, more weed but Less that you get, feed off other peoples high, sometimes feels like it last longer and comes on slow, normally best place to be(don't have to worry about being caught by parents and or undesirables)
  15. Solo isn't depressing at all. It's like finding another person within yourself. You really get a new perspective. Plus you get all the weed to yourself. You can do whatever the fuck you want. You can have silence or blast music. You can't jack off if you have friends with you (well you'd be a fucking weirdo if you did). Solo smoking is the time to relax, think about things or zone out, watch some stupid cartoons and feel good. It's like another state of being when smoking alone.
  16. Gotta do both to stay sane:smoke:
  17. It depends who I'm with and how many people I'm with

    Sometimes some people are really annoying or if there's too many people all the weed vanishes somehow and half the time I have to blaze everyone cause no one has weed

    but I do like smoking with small groups of good friends who aren't annoying too

    I prefer smoking alone tho I don't have to share my weed and i get like 5x higher than i would if i was with people
  18. Solos definitely are more introspective, you can think more deeply.
    Seshes with friends are always a good option for the weekend.

    I can't really choose, the two are very different.

  19. Your over the age of 18 and you still play hide and go seek???

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