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Do you prefer grinders or using your hands

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ohio Grassroots, May 20, 2010.

  1. ye, i agree with ya, i dont give a shit but id rather break my bud up with my fingers. sfunny, theres a guy i smoke with very occasionally. every time he loads a bowl he just breaks a bit off of the nug and shoves in the bowl, doesnt even break it up. its hilariously dumb, made more so by the fact it happens every time haha, even tho he rarely gets high, but still, its dumb and funny:)
  2. got my first grinder the other day its a cheap shitty one but i love it cant w8 to save up and get a nice one
  3. I used to swear by "hand grinding", that was untill I got my sharp stone 3 piece grinder. I haven't look back. I prefer grinders to hand grinding, although I do remove large stems from my bud before I grind it so I suppose there still is an element of manual labor haha. I usually buy mids and my dealer is pretty dope and his shit doesn't have seeds so I don't gotta worry about that.
  4. my grinder grinds VERY fine, so if i am using paper i break up by hand, if im using glass (and have a screen available) i will use the grinder
  5. Grinders all the way! If you're just breaking up a bit, then hands will do fine, but after a while they get too sticky...
  6. Def. grinder, not because I'm lazy but because it's easier and stuff. Plus saving that kief for a rainy day is a great plan.
  7. I carefully remove the bud from the leaves and stems as soon as i get a bag (and save the leaves and stems for hash), and i will grind the nugs as I want em.

    So, a bit of both. :)
  8. #28 ResearchIt, May 20, 2010
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    I hate breaking up bud with my fingers, I only get dank and the kief sticks to my fingers. + when you break it up with your fingers you cant collect the kief like you can in a grinder with a screen. I have tested this where i bought 2 eighths and broke 1 up with my hands and did 1 in the grinder. I smoked each a different week, 2 bowls a day. The one i broke up with my fingers only lasted 5 days. The one i broke up with my grinder lasted all week, because I had kief and used less bud when I grinded it
  9. For anything high up in the "quality" of weeds i will use my hands. But for mids/schwag I will Ninja it... Ninja food processors are amazing
  10. I love my little sharpstone knock off, I'll never go back to using my hands. :)
  11. Funny thing, I've always used grinders and loved them...until recently. I found myself stuck without a grinder, scissors or anything sharp really. So, I decided I had to bust up my stuff with the fingers and I'll never go back to using a grinder again. Sounds dumb, but there was something about breaking it up with my fingers and really being able to inspect the buds. Maybe I'm just high :smoking::wave:

    What's the correct way to do it? I always end up with sticky icky fingers afterwards.
  12. I use my hansd everytime, I just feel more connected to my bud. Using your hands let's you get the perfect consistency. You can control exactly how fine you want it, from a coarse grind with little junior nugs all the way to a flour like powder. You just cant do that with a grinder.
  13. Love busting nugs with my fingers because it helps get traction for joints hahaha if that makes sense
  14. in my experience hand picked has always been better
  15. I've been a sole user of a grinder for the past couple of years. whenever i can i try to run the bud through a grinder. just makes everything more even & the right way so i can work with the bud; either rolling or packing.

    after coming off of my smoke break I've been using hands lately more often then the grinder. I'd have to say Grinder all the way.
  16. Very carefully, using scissors to help if need be. Any resin that does stay on fingers or blade can be rubbed/scraped easily and added to the bowl.

    I take it slow and delicately break it apart, almost calyx by calyx. I get to inspect the bud that way, savor it. I'll admit it takes a little practice but I find it far superior to using a brute force method like a grinder.
  17. If its sticky I use my hands to keep as many trichomes on the buds, but if its some other bs with seeds or something then to the grinder you go.
  18. I've had my same grinder for 5 years now and love it, mainly for the kief cause kief has come up big for me in emergency situations where i couldn't find bud for a few days or weeks. Plus after i grind it up i still go through looking for any little stems that may be in there so i'm still using my hands after the fact to take stems out if that counts haha :smoke:
  19. If I'm out, I'll use a grinder. If I'm at home, I'll take the time to break it up by hand.
  20. grinder for mids and sometimes nugs, but lately i have been using tweezers to manually pull off each little bud, much more trichomes make it to the bowl and you get some really pure tweezer hash after awhile :smoking:

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