Do you prefer being drunk, sober, or high when picking up women?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Elephant Panda, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Thread title says it all, folks.

    Now, discuss!
  2. is that my sig quote???

    edit: LOL it is!
  3. All three at the same time
  4. High on jenkem
  5. I like being sober when talking to women in general, I find I articulate my thoughts and use a more expansive vocabulary when I am sober or partially stoned. I take pride in my word usage haha I hate when I'm not up to par with words
  6. being high makes me smoother, but if Im really trying to get to know her sober.
  7. A few drinks never hurt. Not too many though. Weed alone and I get weird especially if the other person isnt high

    But never try crossfaded that's a bad idea I turn straight into grandmaster derp
  8. Sober, cause when im high asfuck ill just stand there not talking haha
  9. Sober if I'm trying to get with her. Drunk if I'm trying to fuck her. High if I already know her and I'm trying to date/fuck her.
  10. If I'm just out actin a fool, high.

    Out partying, drunk.

    For realz, sober.
  11. well I'm a girl but I like to be drunk if I'm hitting on guys. Otherwise I just look...bad. Damn I am so bad at flirting. Its like watching a handicap trying to get back on their wheelchair after they fell off. Just so sad...
  12. Sober or on a comedown where I just feel chill . A drink or 2 works good for me , but id rather be sober or on a comedown
  13. Yeaaa
  14. Well I prefer to be sober.

    But come to think of it, most of the time when I go out I am drinking and smoking.
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    Just high enough to take the edge off if I like her enough to give a fuck....

    Otherwise I just stay at 11 and wait for something wicked to wander this way as I find the best way for me to pick up women is to not try and pick up women.
  16. I have to drink enough to curb my desire to go directly home and beat off.

    Sometimes it doesn't work though and i just stumble home masterbaiting.
  17. Buy a trenchcoat, you can whack it wherever.

  18. I dont think having a trench coat is going to allow you to whack it 'Wherever'..

    I would know about that shit.
  19. high

    whenever i'm with a chick and we're both stoned, shit's bound to go down
  20. I love if ur high with chick and she doesn't know haha then u start to hook up in ur car
    Then after take her ass home
    Smoke and ur high is great lol after sex or head


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