do you possess an iphone?

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  1. wat generation?

    wat are your favorite apps?

    what network are you on?

    i love my iphone
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    I have a 4S on Verizon. My favorite app has to be GC Forum or Soundcloud.l

    I've had it since november and it's my first iPhone! I love it!

  3. soundhound is friggin epic!
  4. wat generation? I own an iPhone 3GS (would have gotten 4, but 3gs was free upgrade)

    wat are your favorite apps? I like Temple Run ... especially when baked, draw something is fun when im baked too... umm 5-0 radio

    what network are you on? ATT

  5. [​IMG]

    yea but srs tho i thought the same thing, until i used it. the main thing is has over the android is accessibility and being easy to use.

    i am aware tho about how android is technically better, it has flash and is more customizable.

    its just i care more about it being easy to use and i already had been using an ipod touch so i just thought it wud be an easy transition
  6. iphone 4.
    GC, or x-plane.

    and john, tell me what is so bad about an iphone?

    just because many people use it does not make it trendy.

    i know tons of people who hate the idea of trends and fads that use an iphone. not to be trendy, but because it's a nice sturdy product.

  7. i'm on verizon and have a 4s.

    i like soundhound, wikipedia, itriage, and ibooks

    ibooks best so far, got me into reading a bit
  8. Iphone 4. The only apps I use are Grasscity, Hulu, Safari and Free music downloader.
  9. Do I possess an I-phone??? like what do you mean am i currently living inside an I-phone? am i spiritually attached to an over priced piece of crap that is no better than any of a 100 other cheaper smart phones? but my vanity demands i spend a cpl $100 extra to buy a name??? I own a Samsung exhibit 4g and shit I got it for free and it does everything an I phone does, so no I avoided dropping 300 for a name and got the same thing for free. So good luck with the phone, I have never felt the need to start a thread just to let people know i have an I-phone LOL
  10. Iphone 3gs. My favorite app is call, because this is a phone not a fucking gameboy.

    Seriously though, final fantasy 3 is my fav app:)
  11. i have a iphone 4g through verizon.

    geez people hate on iphones... trust us and invest in one. you'll never go back.

  12. [​IMG]

    i mainly wanted to hear what apps other people liked and like i said i'm aware that the android is "technically" better its just i was already used to the iOS layout and shiz

  13. is that through an snes emulator or something?
  14. 4g at&t I never use the gc app I just use safari my favorate app is netflix
  15. [quote name='"Jack McClellan"']iPhone = piece of shit.

    Get a real smart phone, not a phone for hipsters and trendy's.[/quote]

    The iPhone is reliable. That's truly the only reason why I chose it. I've had so many phones with shit hardware and software that I said fuck it and bought this. Apples customer support is really good, their phone doesn't feel cheap and plasticky, the touch screen is SPOT ON.

    There is a reason why everyone seems to have one. It's simply a great phone, the only thing that it doesn't have is flash and customization. I'm willing to trade those two things for a phone that functions like the developers dreamed it would. Besides, I have a computer for flash so when I'm on the go I don't need it especially when almost all major websites have a mobile version. And the customization on Android is pretty good but from experience it's kind of twitchy and laggy.

  16. Nah, don't think it's an emulator. It's an app for like 16 bucks, don't judge me... I was extremely blown and was taking a monstrous crap.
  17. i got the iPhone 4. my favorite apps are gta3, twitter, GC, adult swim, heyTell, tumblr, and G-park cuz i always go to class high and can never find my car when im done lol. and im on verizon. i got this dope case on it too so its waterproof. music in the shower ftw.

  18. this is FINAL FANTASY 3 we are talking about here . . . . . . . . definitely worth the money . . . . . .

    i never played it but i'm a big snes fan so any snes classic is worth hella money imo. best system ever imo
  19. I have an iPhone 4 on Verizon. Most of my apps are business/productivity-related-nothing really fun or exciting.

    Every Android phone i've ever handled looked and felt like a toy compared to the iPhone.
  20. I use the 4s. Love it. I use Mac products in my company.

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