Do You Pluck Leafs To get More Light To Bud Sites? Can I change Your Mind?

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    I read all the time when growers pluck leafs to get more sun to the bud sites. I do not agree with this. If you will listen I would like to change your mind. Or even have a debate if you care to do so.

    First off the #1 debate is food for the plant thats in the leafs. I agree with this. The leaf is the plants main energy source. If anything goes wrong in your soil the plant will pull the food from the leafs. This is why you see yellow leafs when problems start. If you pluck leafs your plant just go to leafs left on our plant. This making your plant lose more leafs that it should have until you fix the problem. This is why you see the leafs turn yellow in flowering. it no longer pulls some nutes from the soil. it pulls from the leafs during flower. But wait you pluck all those. So your plants looks bare come finishing time.

    from what I read not many grower know that sunlight will travel right thru a pot leaf. I cannot remember the exact % that travels thru a leaf. But it is higher 70% range or even higher. So if sunlight will travel right thru a pot leaf why would you pluck it to get more sun inside? Take a bright flash light and shine it onto a pot leaf at night. The light goes right thru it. Now take the same bright light and shine it up thru the bottom of your plant. You will see how light will travel thru the plant. It will light up every leaf like a light bulb. If a bright light cannot travel right thru. So can the sun and much better rate. Again why pluck when it travels right thru the leafs?

    Now this is the hardest part to do. But if you can get the plant to respond and be in perfect health. You will notice that there is also no need to pluck any leaf at all. A happy plant growing in perfect health and harmony will have every fan leaf and inside leaf sticking almost straight up and out. If your plant has all it's leafs sticking straight up they leafs will not be in any sunlight way anyway. A plant that is not sticking it leafs straight up and drooping. This making the grower think he needs more sun inside the plant and starts plucking. Here is a pic to show you what I talking about. Notice how all the leafs are straight up? They are not blocking any sun at all. And if they were the sun would go right thru them. If thei plants leafs were not sticking straight up. it would looks like it needs more light. Also when sticking straight up. Notice the air flow factor thru the plant? If they were drooping there would be no air flow.



    This plant will even stick up at night. It only does this the night befor it needs water. Why? The roots are working extra hard to find water. Those growing at the same time. Another reason never to over water. And only water plants when they start to droop. If you over water you miss this process letting your plant miss out on growth.


    This pic is good to how how sun can get into your plant with a healthy growing plant. Nature has a way of taking care of them.


    The most common reason for droopy leafs is over watering. and not watering plants heavy until about a gallon of more water runs out the bottom of your pot. You need to ge the salts out of your soil. So water when they droop and water heavy heavy heavy when you do water. There can be other problems sure. But these two will stop many of them or sure.

    Sme times the mega huge bottom fan leafs cannot stick up for they are to heavy. Just let them be. Remember sun goes right thru them. I pick any and all leafs that touch the ground. I only pick yellow leafs when they come off with the small tug.

    Okay friends not trying to argue here. Just wanted to share my findings. If you do not agree fell free to post up. I am to hard headed not to listen and will be nice:).
  2. Think about how my plants will stick up at night. When they do that they will need water the next afternoon. The same night I water the same plant will NOT stick up at night. Why? it is not working for food. The plant needs water so bad it does not let the plant sleep. This is when the roots are growing I am thinking. Thats what you hear me say roots do not seak and search out water when the plant is over watered. The do not need to for they have plenty. Just think if you have not ate for a week. And you knew there was food near by. Would you sleep or walk around the corner and gets some free food?
  3. I only take them off if they are causing mold or are really yellow and wilted.

    So I agree.

    Nice write up!
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  5. I don't pluck any green leaves. Only wilted, nasty, F'ed up leaves. The good news is I only get a handful of leaves per week that need to be plucked. I would never pluck a green leaf, thats just absurd!
  6. Agreed. Outdoors the plants will shed more leaves naturally as they go into heavy flower production, at least that has been my experience.

  7. I agree dude. I haven't plucked any leaves besides the couple that got shitty on the very bottom and my plants are stalks.
  8. But 5150 im loving those bushes and diggin your setup it looks awesome. sweet spot.
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