Do you play better stoned?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Messiah Decoy, May 14, 2011.

  1. Are you better when playing on the internet?

    How about in person? Are you easier to read?
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    I wouldn't play real life stoned, I could imagine I would be easier to read and wouldn't be able to read as much as usual. I play stoned online sometimes, it's much more fun when you are grinding to smoke a bit on the side, but I don't play HU or SNG when I smoke.

    Also tend to play slower and full ring tables instead of the 6 man I usually prefer.
  3. Yeah definitely. I play so much better actually
  4. I only play poker stoned

    in real life games, I consider it an advantage. I smoke during the game when allowed. It definitely makes me harder to read. I can fuck with your head more, make you think im more inebriated than I really am, etc...
  5. could imagine maybe playing mtts stoned as they are long and boring as fk until you get really deep. Have played 6max cash and i couldnt handle playing my usual amount of tables (4-8ish) well. Playing heads up cash wasnt much better, i would overthink every hand and would usually end up doing retarded bluffs lol.

    Never played live stoned before. Can imagine i would like it as live poker, like mtts is boring imo and is extra slow.
  6. are you kidding me, I wouldnt even go play poker unless I was stoned. I absolutely play better ripped. No doubt about it. Im not sure what it is, maybe it helps me to just be patient, pick my spots to steal, and totally mix it up. Im curious if there are anybody else who feels this way.
  7. Not when am playing wow i just all dazed and dunno what to do normaly jump around casting spells inside of the AH

    But Shooters are a diffrent matter ;)
  8. It's interesting you guys say that you play poker better while stoned. If you watch super high me, when Doug Benson takes the psychic test, he scores a lot higher when he starts smoking everyday. His score while sober was 1/27. Then he gets high and it's 8/27. Weird. :smoke:
  9. I ball like Wall, regardless of sobriety.
  10. Haha he was talking about poker...
  11. I play differently. I raise in spots I'd normally call. I call in spots I'd fold. etc etc

    I've lost lots both high and I think my suckitude transcends weed.
  12. Before BF, I used to rip a bowl or two, open up PT3 along with ten FR tables and zone out. I can't focus on just one table when I'm baked. I play a lot differently, too, as I'm more of a robot.
  13. No I can't play stoned. Most all things I can do better high, but not poker. Idk I'm just less refined and I usually don't even pay attention to other people's expressions, I just play my hand, not the table.
  14. i think people can read me easier when im stoned. sometimes i give tells when im really baked without realizing it.
  15. Lol are you blaaazzzed man?
  16. I usually suck when i am playing poker stoned. Idk, i would say it depends on your mood and the smoke you have when playing poker. But personally poker is one of the few things that i can't do better when i am stoned.
  17. Playing stoned definately makes me play more patiently - overall though, sober or stoned - I am not a great or even a good player.
  18. nah too inpatient while stoned... but real action guy love to hit cash games while high ';)))
  19. just started 4 tabling dif tourneys wtf :D :smoke:

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