Do You Pee With The Door Open?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. I live alone, so I always do when alone.
  2. at my house.. If you pee with the door open.. Someones gonna run in the door and dropkick you into the bathtub, no joke. You just dont do that here.
  3. I don't remember the last time I closed the door to take a piss, actually. I just never have. When I take a shit, I don't even lock it. I just half-assedly kick the door somewhat shut.
  4. the best pisses come from atop a tower or brige. and in the woods.
  5. If i feel like closing the door i do it if i dont i just leave it open...
  6. I live alone and usually leave the door open to pee unless women are visiting. None of guys care and they pee with the door open when they're here, too. A few of my friends never shut the door in their homes regardless of who is there. I guess it's whatever you're comfortable with.
  7. Of course. I've got nothing to hide :)
  8. You obviously don't live in starvation, there's no such thing as "precious calories" for you when you can easily consume another 220 calories from a Sprite.

    Close the door, nobody wants to hear someone else urinate in a pool of water.
  9. me too. meh its wierd but fuck it...IDGAF
  10. fuk yeaaaaaaaaaaa
  11. If it's just me. I live in a two-room apartment so it's a bit awkward if you were to get up from the couch to get a drink and see my junk hanging out, cause I pee freely.
  12. The fucking women in my family will piss with the god damn door wide open and freak out when you walk by, and then they shit with the door locked and if you don't knock you walk in on your mom enjoying a nice brick, and that's weird, man.

    My grandma, mother, and sister all do this, lol. :smoking:
  13. Nah. Unless I'm home alone.
  14. i do if no one is home.

    my toilet faces the tv in the bedroom so i utilize that too lol. much easier to flip channels than it is to flip pages
  15. i close the door all the time or else i wont go i dont know why even in public if someone is beside me i wont like nervous without my privacy.
  16. zombie threaddddddd

    And no, I close the door every time out of habit.
  17. I do all the time. The worst thing is I walk into my gmas house, she often leaves the door open. Im scarred for life.

  18. Yeahhh i like privacy for going to the bathroom

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