Do You Pee With The Door Open?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Damn, I thought having a fear of #2 in public restrooms was a pain in the ass to deal with

  2. i have no fear of pootin in a public restroom,,,, after a couple of good juicy farts,,,, clearing my throat loudly,,, and a couple curse words,,,, damming taco-bell to hell,,,, and a fart or 3 more.....

    im usually left in there alone anyhow!!!!!:D to finish my business in peace....

    now pissing in a standup pisser, beside someone that has a problem of looking over and down... '' COCKWATCHERS'' is my personal name for them,,,,,, now these fellows i have issues with,,,,:eek:
  3. hey I can deal with a cock watcher- I mean if they have the urge to look at a cock whatever, and if they choose mine, well I guess I should be flattered haha (I'm just kidding).

    But urinals are ok- its the trough urinals I do not like- the ones where people stand in line and pee into a long sink like thing.

    Man- those are definatly out.
  4. thus the reason for my above mentioned ''quote'' REAL MEN PEE OUT-SIDE!!!!!:p
  5. I've peed numerous times outside and not always in private either LOL This one time I had to pee and I was with a group of my guy friends and I went and found a nice little bush and I was about to go and a coyote came outta no where and I started running away while pullin up my pants haha. You guys have no idea how much easier it is for you, you stand there we have to become intimate with nature lol.

    Oh well, when ya gotta go sometimes ya just gotta go, there's not always a bathroom in some of the rural places I've driven through :p

    But to the original question, I'll pee with the door open if no one is home, but otherwise it has to be closed, it just feels wrong.
  6. I live with my girlfriend and we both pee with the door open. Its just natural. I just have to remember to close it when others come over.
  7. Naw i pee with the door always closed unless I have the house to myself. One time I took a shit outside, it felt so good. But then i needed to wipe and there is no toilet paper outside so i had to use a fucking leaf.
  8. the door is open most of the time, no matter what I'm doing... even at parties I'll just walk in and do my buisness. The one time I closed the door at a party I had to take a massive shit, so I shut the door for the other people. A towel ended up falling off the door and covering the crack at the bottom. A minute later my friend burst into the room thinking I was getting high alone. He was awarded with "the worst shit I've ever smelt" < his exact words.

    Edit: peeing outside is the best, no need to have good aim when it dosen't matter what your hitting.
  9. My bathroom is attached to my bedroom, so i can shit with the door open if i wanted to.

  10. it's not a big deal to pee with the door open anywhere lol.. just face the direction that people can't see your cock. if i'm drunk i don't even care haha..
  11. It depends on where i am/whose home.
    If its just my sisters and my mom home, door stays open..if my dad and my bro are home I show a little decency and close the door.
    When I'm over at my boyfriends place I never really close the door either.

    Although I dated this one guy and his bathroom was on the other end of his house, and so one day I was peeing and just left the door wide open and he walked by and went "omg close the damn door no one fucking wants to see that" and then went on about it for ages... I really couldnt see why it was a big can stick your cock in me but cant bare to watch me releasing fluids??
  12. i always leave my door closed even if no one is home

  13. I shat in the woods once and was ABOUT to wipe with a Doritos bag someone had left, and as I picked up the fucking bag I saw a big ass wolf spider up in that bitch, that scared the shit out of me.
  14. I can only image what you would have experienced when whiping your ass with a wild wolf spider....

    Also if ym girlfriend pee'd in my house witht he door open i wuldnt mind at all... however if she was shitting I wouldnt want to be around for it haha. Maybe your bf thought you were taking a crap and thats why he said that : )

    Since I live by myself I like to pee with the door open.

  15. I wouldnt mind sticking my cock in you while watching you release fluids either : )
  16. I take fat shits in fast food restraunts with the stall door open.
  17. i love to pee with the door open.. not really but when there arent any girls around i do it
  18. Yea why close the door, but for number 2 its closed
  19. I keep it open for number 2.
    I dont care who is home.
  20. That's fucking disgusting.

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