Do You Pee With The Door Open?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. I always do. So do my roommates. (No homo)

    I mean, its as common as coughing. So who cares? I run upstairs, unzip, let loose the hound of Hell and do my business for 20 seconds, and leave. No need for all the extra effort of raising my hand to the knob, using precious calories to swing something closed. No way.

    Urine Freedom!
  2. always...i crap with the door open too if no one is home
  3. only if no one is home.
  4. yeah, the only people usually at my crib are me and my girl.

    If im taking a shit, i have to have the door open b/c i start to feel claustrafobic (sp?) after a while.
  5. exactly.

    but for me girls only unless, well, yuo're my special friend or downstairs or one of my gay friends or that one time at that party, but that's it...
  6. If no one is home
  7. I think I only do it when no one is home because it makes it feel so wrong and dirty.

    I mean if I were to do it everytime, it would just feel routine and I wouldn't get a "this is wrong (but in a good/fun way)" feeling

  8. i dont even pee in the toilet,, unless it's raining,,,,

    i have my own,, pee-tree,,,, i piss on this thing all day and night,,,, my dog's are really bonded with me,,,, sometimes when they are looking at me,, i'll scratch the ground like a dog does,,, and make some ruff ruff noises....

    i take peeing to the extreme!!!!!! get a little neck in ya!!!!:eek:
  9. ha ha yer crazy, cousin! :p
  10. Now the best type of peeing is pissing in the woods.

    I can, run, frolick through the foliage, pissing away without a care in the world, until my heart's content.

    No worries about aiming when you're 15 beers deep. No swaying, missing the bowl, splashing all over the rim.

    Just you, your junk, and freedom of peeing onto some soil. :)

  11. Same. dropping a duce with the door open when someone else is home is not cool.
  12. ^lol true.
    yea i dont pee with the door open unless no ones home. and yea shitting with the door open is just rude unless your in prision or your shit smells like roses (fo' real)
  13. i piss outside like real men do. screw that meaning-less invention man has created, the toilet. step right outside and piss onto the tress or right into the bushes. mother nature gave you water to drink, so natrually, you should replenish what she has given to you by pissing back into the soil and letting it go through its never ending cycle. im very high right now
  14. ^^^

    And if everyone did that we would not have good water to drink.

    Toliets do serve a much needed sanitation purpose.
  15. real men pee outside,,,,, i gain so much respect from a female that will strut out in the woods,,, with a roll of paper-towels in her hand....

    you need a area like this to pee at,,,,, man and nature at one with each other!!!!

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  16. yes excellent peeing potential in that picture! and i am a girl who loves to pee in the woods lol :smoke:
  17. Well, since water recycles anyway, there is a good probability that all the liquids you drink contain mostly water molecules that have been pissed out by some animal. Humans included. Just think, within that beer or glass of water you sip off right now, one molecule at least may very well have passed through the bladder of Einstein :D

    As for keeping the door closed or not when taking a piss:

    Sober: Always
    1-5 beers: Try to
    6-10 beers: Door?
    11+ beers: I'll piss standing on my hands _and_ chug a beer at the same time. Then barf. It'll be a hell of a show...


    J/K, though, in the name of effiency, it is not all that uncommon that a single toilet bowl have been shared by two-three guys at the same time. Not any different than a pissoir at a club. When nature calls, it calls :p
  18. If im blazin or drinkin, gotta leave the door open...closing the door is pretty much a guaranteed "goat" when you walk out.

    but shut pretty much any other time
  19. I piss in bottles and label them with the date, then store them in my fridge.

    I dont know why, but I'm sure they will come in handy for something, someday.
  20. im sooo pee-shy :(

    i could never pee with the door open. if i'm in a public restroom i cant pee when someone else is in there. especially if it's someone i know.

    one time i was out shrooming with two other people and i just couldnt hold it in any longer i was about to burst but i had to wait until the others were way far away before i could go in the bushes.

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