Do you pack the bowl nice and tight or loose?

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  1. Also, I can never get my shit nice and fine. It's always in tiny chunks. Usually I'll just hold the lighter over the bowl and let it cook a bit, then I'll take a hit. But I'm not sure if this is helping, because the top layer of weed just burns, so maybe I'm just inhaling burnt shit. Appreciate any help for a rookie
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  2. I like to leave a little bit of Chunky buds packed decently tight at the bottom, leave room for air flow tho. Then I use my grinded buds on top for a nice solid burn/hit.

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  3. If you don't have a grinder you can use scissors or superior patience to get that nice grinded bud.

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  4. I just use a screen, saves me from having to pack a tight bowl. Also if you hold the grinder upside down while you grind, it makes a very very fine grind for me. Almost powdered weed.
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  5. Screens are nice, but glass ones can be expensive for a novice depending on their financial situation and their pieces and metal ones degrade quick and need to be replaced or they can start releasing fumes of their own that affect taste and aren't generally healthy. If you pack the bowl correctly you can get the same effect without the hassle.

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  6. If the nugs are very dense I will break it up with a grinder and pack it with my thumb without pushing to hard

    With low density nugs just pack them straight, they will burn evenly and let the smoke throught
  7. Glass screens go for about .50 cents, right? I have one but have not tried it yet. How long do they last? I grind the flower, then just loosely pack. I really like my grinder, compared to when I would use my fingers to crush flower.
  8. No idea what a glass screen costs. I always ask for brass screens instead of free papers and tips at the coffee shop.

    And the really big or small ones are €0.20 for a pack of 5 at the headshop. But I usually get those for free as well when I buy other stuff there.
  9. 2 or 3 for $1, yeah. for me they last a long time... usually until a friend is over and dumps the ashes out without knowing the screen is there. they are hard as fuck to find in an ash tray once they have a little resin..
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  10. Thanks. Going to have to try out the one I got.:smoking-bong::smiley-rolling-joint::bongin::apache:
  11. I pack it a little tight but not too tight.
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  12. use a grinder. I pack tight fat bowls for seshes with friends. I pack loose 1 hit snaps when i am alone.
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    a little firmer in the with mull till the top of the cone. tap down just a little, sprinkle to fill cone to top

    Start off slow on the draw and slowly increase till ur near the end, last bit inhale hard to clear, pop shottie. Done.

    A good pull should use up nearly ur whole lung capacity. Having two tokes at it is yuky..stale smoke tastes crap.

    Refill and go again.

    I think we all go thru a screen stage..not worth using really. More trouble than they are worth unless maybe ur smoking some hash.
    Dont add tobacco..its bad for you.
  14. Loose bowls but only enough that I can take it all in one or two decent sized hit. Otherwise most weed is torched and/or wasted.
  15. I always grind herb for use in glass. Don't need to pack too tight, but definitely grind. You want to be able to get it lit and cherried, not constantly frying it with hot gas ;)
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  16. Some good advice here, thanks guys. I have a grinder but don't use it atm because I'm worried I'll lose too many thc crystals in the process. I'll try it later. Another problem I'm having is not hearing the pop sound. My bro said that as soon as you hear a pop sound you take your finger off the hole. Haven't heard it yet, what am I doing wrong?
  17. I'm not sure what the "pop" sound is, but I'd stay away from it...

    Cannibas doesn't have THC crystals, it has trichomes, and you needn't worry about losing them in your grinder. They'll stay in your grinder.
  18. I pack mine like a pipe, tobacco. Watch a you tube video on it and it will give you a good start on how to and adjust to your liking.

  19. Alrite cheers man
  20. I take a small nug, compress it just a little and drop it in the bowl. Then when I hit it I don't let the flame actually touch the ganja. As I'm inhaling the hit as I use indirect heat to get the bowl smoking.

    I typically only use scissors to get my ganja to that perfect doobie rolling consistency. Scissors and a shot glass have worked better then any grinder I have used.

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