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Do you own a motorcycle?

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by LoveisKind, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Just picked up a new GSXR 1000, so now I have the sexhunned, the 750, and a leaderbike.
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  2. Those kats last forever. I had mine until 79K and then sold it and I just saw it on the road this past weekend haha

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  3. They're actually called liter bikes, I thought people were referring to them as leader bikes too for a while lol
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  4. I know they are but people call them leaderbikes since they're usually at the front during rides haha
  5. My mum would whoop my ass if I got a motorbike I'd love a Harley but because my dad crashed his motorbike while younger & nearly died my mums against them:laughing:, my Dad crashed doing 60mph into train tracks broke his left leg/ankle and fucked his ribs up, + my mum/sister went to see a fortune teller and the woman said someone whos name starts with J will have a crash if he ever has a bike and just so happens mine name begins with J,I'll have to stick to cars in this lifetime :confused_2::laughing:
  6. Got a lot of miles on my cruiser, rode it to just about every state in the south

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  7. Electra glide? Very sweet looking bike.

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  8. the red one was my last working motorcycle. a 2009 yamaha v star 1100. i have an ongoing project a 83 suzuki gs750e but its not put together yet. for now all i have is my orange dream lol a scratch built mini bike

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  9. Yeah Electra Glide, FLHTCI with a Evo engine fuel injected 1998 model

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