Do you notice everything while high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dantino, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I don't really know seems every time I toke up, I chill out but EVERYTHING suddenly becomes apparent. Like the little twisting things everybody (including me and you) do for that temporary personal gain.I mean, half the time I think people dont even notice they're doing it...for example, lying. When im high I study people's eyes when they talk, and I notice alot of people talk some fake shit :(

    It sometimes ruins the vibes, knowing you're dealing with a fake ass person. However, when im on some drinks, everybody gets real as hell :p

  2. ehh i just get baked, i dont worry about that shit
  3. I try not to think about it, but yeah sometimes lol.
  4. Yeah, i had that expereince to a craaazy extent last night,
  5. I am exactly the same. In life usually I am inattentive and easily distracted. But when I am high, I have the ability to zero in on a task and as well, all of my senses increase drastically.
  6. I'm happy as hell you said that, I thought I was the only one. It's annoying that I automatically end up analysing everybody's actions as if they've all got a big plan for social gain as their purpose in life, but almost all the time they don't even know what they're doing; it's not as complex as I think, and that's kinda annoying, cos it seems too real to be not that important in the end.
  7. Movies are really fake looking when I'm high
  8. When I get high I tend to sit quietly analyzing everything and can tell peoples personalities, and their current emotions and views on certain things while they are talking. I like it, but at the same time I don't because I feel it is one of those things I rather not know.
  9. It really all depends on the strain for me.
  10. i swear when i watch tv really blazed, everyones eyes look bloodshot as shit
  11. I always notice sirens more when I used to catch the bus after getting bud I could always smell it and I'd think the whole bus would smell like weed and I would think that everybody new it was me and the bus driver set up some elaborate trick to catch me every time lol but I have a hidden pocket with a zip behind a seen in the jacket so its not like if they pay me Down they'd find bud maybe a grinder or something that'd still suck losing a grinder. I always get attached to my grinders, sorry im rambling.
  12. This is basically me after a few joints...

    Hey tyler? Yeah? punch me in the face. what why do you want me to do that? just punch me as hard as you can. Ok if you say so.....

  13. Weed makes you see through the bullshit you won't normally seen sober, but yeah when I'm blazed I can analyze a lot, study people's body languages, facial expression, read emotions it's far more easier to tell an real and fake person.
  14. Nah, when I am stoned I just chill and get very mellow.
  15. i analyze everything just like op, but i just get past it and if i know they are talking shit i just crack up a joke continuing the conversation but deep down knowing their lying.

    Also TV programs are quite vain when you watch them high, like it looks fake as shit as somebody already said. You can pick up good acting, poor script and cheesy lines very easily.

  16. damn man.
  17. i notice society and what people do and MYSELF to another level. man.

    and what i think is fucked up.
  18. when im high i usually get quiet and observe. i pick up on peoples vibes kinda easily and sometimes feel like i'm being watched myself. i just stare off and seem really zoned out but im totally tuned in. it really depends what environment im in and if i'm comfortable. im just introverted

  19. Wow.... Same exact feelings/thoughts here bro. I feel like when I'm stoned (and not some 3/10 or 5/10 sht I mean like 7/10+) I notice that life is like a fuckin drama show/movie. Everyone is so dramatic and everyone lies so much.
  20. Wow this is wierd. I tend to study everything too lmao Like when me and my friends are all just blowing loud having a good time I notice alot more stuff and really study body language and sometimes I can tell exactly how the person feels, thinks, and does sometimes. If im around people I dont really know then I tend to be more quiet and keep to myself idk why but I always feel like people I dont know have a problem with me lol im crazy

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